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We Buy Sell Trade and Consign Custom Knives Inc... Your Source for Custom Knives Inc. is more than a site to browse and buy custom knives. Rather it is a place to share passions. It is a coming together of individuals who want to share a passion for these incredible works of art.

While each of our stories is different, they share the common thread of that moment when we realized that custom knives in all their forms would forever be a part of our lives.

My hope is to share the knowledge, passion and excitement of collecting custom knives with you.

To see, hold and own a custom knife is a treasure beyond words. I hope to have the opportunity to ignite or further your passion. This is a site where we buy, sell, trade, and consign knives actively.

If you have any questions, concerns or interests feel free to contact Michael and he will be happy to speak with you. He has had wonderful experiences meeting some of the greatest people, makers and collectors alike in this industry and feel this is in its infant stage.

Unlike many hobbies and businesses, there is no generation gap between collectors and you never know when the next knife you buy may be as sought after as the R.W. Loveless or Ron Lake knives are today.

Featured Knives

Julie Warenski Engraved SR Johnson #003 Dark Mammoth Symmetrical Dagger
List Price: $3,150.00
Kaj Embretsen Sole Authorship Damascus & Black Lip Pearl 2 Blade Lockback
List Price: $4,000.00
Corrado Moro Black Lip Pearl Inlaid Tourbillion 2 Lockback
List Price: $7,350.00
Ron Best Automatic Art Dagger
List Price: $6,850.00
Warren Osborne "007 James Bond" "Tuxedo" Automatic Lockback Dagger
List Price: $12,500.00
KnifePurveyor Custom Knife Cleaning Kit
List Price: $70.00
Bob Loveless Amber Stag Double Nude Logo "New York Special"
List Price: $11,500.00
Bob Loveless Cocobolo Wood Lawndale Upswept Skinner
List Price: $5,500.00
Knife Purveyor Ultimate Custom Knife Handling Cloths 3 Pack
List Price: $20.00
Quick Release QR Oil 1oz Bottle
List Price: $10.00
Larry Fuegen "Deep Freeze" Goblin Friction Folder
List Price: $7,950.00
Simon Lytton Engraved Ron Lake Lockback with Silver Toothpick
List Price: $5,450.00
Lisa Tomlin Engraved "Eagles" Tom Overeynder Black Lip Lockback Dagger
List Price: $7,250.00
Jim Schmidt 7/1/81 "Grendell" #24 Lockback Folder
List Price: $15,500.00
Jeff Harkins OTF "Midnight -Q" Tanto OTF Automatic
List Price: $6,500.00
Glen Waters Gold "Nihon Teki Butterflies" Fricitik
List Price: $10,500.00
"Loveless Johnson" Logo Drop Point Hunter
List Price: $13,950.00
Tim George Engraved Joe Kious Lockback Dagger
List Price: $13,750.00
Frank Potter Mammoth, Pearl & 14K Gold Auto Linerlock
List Price: $3,850.00
Julie Warenski Engraved Curt Erickson "Golden Eternity" California Dagger
List Price: $16,500.00
Julie Warenski 2015 AKI Carved Black Marble Dagger
List Price: $16,500.00
Charles Bennica BlackLip Pearl Take Down Folder
List Price: $6,950.00
[Sale Pending]
Roger Bergh 2017 AKI Carved Damascus Fighter
List Price: $5,450.00
Wolfgang Loerchner Pearl with Carved & Fluted Damascus Lockback
List Price: $22,500.00
[Sale Pending]
Wolfgang Loerchner Fluted Steel and Damascus "Wing" Lockback
List Price: $20,500.00
John W. Smith Sunburst Pattern Linerlock Dagger
List Price: $10,500.00
Julie Warenski Engraved Buster Warenski Pearl Lockback Dagger
List Price: $5,200.00
Lisa Tomlin Engraved WD Pease Egyptian Motif (SET 6 Knives)
List Price: $35,000.00
Simone Fezzardi Engraved Salvator Puddu Mother of Pearl & Brass Lockback
List Price: $23,500.00
Jay Hendrickson Damascus Bowie with Tiger Stripe Maple
List Price: $4,250.00
Emmanuel Esposito Amber with 18K Gold Accents "Lizard" Lockback
List Price: $9,600.00
Ray Cover Jr. Engraved "Wall Street" Joe Kious Lockback
List Price: $7,250.00
Jon Robyn Engraved Warren Osborne Lockback Dagger
List Price: $4,250.00
Dietmar Kressler Pearl Subhilt Boot
List Price: $3,650.00
Bob Loveless Lawndale Stag Guthook Skinner
List Price: $12,000.00
Butch and Judy Beaver Button Lock with Gold Miner Scene
List Price: $4,250.00
Jon Robyn Engraved Ron Lake "Barrett Smythe" Amber Stag Interframe Tail Lock
List Price: $19,500.00
Christy George Engraved Joe Kious "Mammoth" Mammoth Ivory Lockback
List Price: $4,850.00
Simone Fezzardi Engraved Antonio Fogarizzu Black Lip Lockback Dagger
List Price: $28,800.00
Vitalij Quaranta Engraved Warren Osborne Auto
List Price: $24,750.00
Ron Lake Button-Lock Prototype
List Price: $15,000.00
Jon Robyn Engraved Ron Lake Stag Fixed Blade
List Price: $8,995.00
Ron Skaggs Engraved "Knights" Joe Kious Double Pocket Locket
List Price: $32,500.00
Bill Tuch Fluted, Stippled and Hand Rubbed Lockback Dagger
List Price: $4,950.00
Ron Lake Mother of Pearl Tail Lock
List Price: $16,950.00
Bob Loveless Riverside Green Canvas Micarta Semi Skinner
List Price: $4,650.00
Ron Skaggs Tiger Bolo Tie
List Price: $750.00
Jon Robyn Engraved Warren Osborne "Mad Max" Kallara Auto Dagger
List Price: $22,500.00
Vlastik Petak Engraved Rick Genovese Lockback Dagger with 14 Kt Gold Toothpick
List Price: $13,500.00
Shaun & Sharla Hansen Carved Pearl & Blued Damascus D/A Auto Dagger
List Price: $8,250.00
Shaun & Sharla Hansen Engraved Black Lip Linerlock Dagger
List Price: $6,900.00