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Folding Knives

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Jeff Claiborne Blacklip Pearl 2 Bladed Slip Joint
List Price: $605.00
Dan Burke 2 Blade Physicians Slip Joint
List Price: $1,500.00
Value Priced at: $1,050.00
Barry Davis Fluted Blacklip Pearl with Gold Toothpick Lockback
List Price: $2,500.00
Jerry Corbit Damascus & Piqued Gold Lip Pearl Linerlock Dagger
List Price: $2,100.00
Alexey Konygin CKF Decepticon 2 #43 Titanium Flipper
List Price: $750.00
[Sale Pending]
Microtech Marfione Custom Sigil Carbon Fiber with Copper
List Price: $1,495.00
Ron Skaggs Engraved Jack Busfield Lockback
List Price: $3,495.00
Torcoli Engraved Durvyn Howard Folder
List Price: $7,450.00
Mick Strider "Concealed Carry" Performance Series SNG G2
List Price: $1,350.00
Don Hanson Damascus & Mammoth Linerlock
List Price: $1,950.00
Tom Ferry Lightning Strike Carbon Fiber Frame Lock Flipper
List Price: $395.00
Sal Manaro "Rush" Linerlock
List Price: $1,995.00
Gil Rudolph Engraved Bill Ankrom Damasteel & Pearl w/Gold Inlay Linerlock
List Price: $3,850.00
William Tuch Fluted Pearl Interframe Lockback
List Price: $4,800.00
Darrel Ralph Gun Hammer Carbon Fiber Flipper
List Price: $925.00
Alan Elishewitz Green Carbon Fiber Pharaoh
List Price: $485.00
Robert Weinstock Engraved & Carved Lockback
List Price: $5,350.00
Jere Davidson Engraved Jack Busfield Dagger
List Price: $2,650.00
Warren Osborne Pearl Double Blade Slip Joint
List Price: $1,395.00
Rick Hinderer XM-18 G-10 Frame Lock
List Price: $1,650.00
Brian Flud Carved Dragon Multi Colored Carved Framelock
List Price: $700.00
Paul Markow Engraved Don Morrow Black Lip Pearl 3 Blade Wharncliffe Whittler
List Price: $750.00
Tony Bose Knife Phenolic Tear Drop Slip Joint with Federal Shield
List Price: $2,850.00
Bill Tuch Fluted, Stippled and Hand Rubbed Lockback Dagger
List Price: $4,800.00
Suchat Jangtanong Damascus & Mammoth w/ Diamonds
List Price: $1,500.00
Barry Davis Triple Damascus Bolster w/ Amber Lockback
List Price: $3,950.00
Tony Lageose Engraved Eldon Peterson Lockback
List Price: $1,450.00
Ron Nott Engraved W.D. Pease Mother of Pearl Lockback
List Price: $1,650.00
Duane Dwyer Timascus Frame Lock
List Price: $1,795.00
Alan Elishewitz Pharaoh Titanium & Pearl Frame Lock
List Price: $675.00
Norris Sperry Engraved Phil Boguszewski Cocobolo Lockback
List Price: $1,100.00
Value Priced at: $650.00
C.J. Cai Engraved Joe Kious "Warrior & Battlefield" Double Pocket Locket
List Price: $29,500.00
Chris Reeve Small Sebenza 21 CGG Unique Graphic
List Price: $390.00
Darrel Ralph 2016 TKI Dominator 3.5 #1 Tanto Framelock Flipper
List Price: $1,550.00
Aaron Frederick "Big Boy" Linerlock
List Price: $495.00
Ray Cover Jr. Engraved "The Shadow" Mel Pardue Mexican Bull Horn Auto
List Price: $2,850.00
Marfione Scarab OTF Auto Tanto
List Price: $995.00
Eddie Baca Liong Mah Design "Remedy" Linerlock Flipper
List Price: $2,150.00
Butch Vallotton "Viper" OTF Auto Scrimshaw by Denise Kondria
List Price: $3,600.00
Peter Martin Sole Authorship "Scorpion" Linerlock
List Price: $6,200.00
Scott Sawby Damascus & Pearl Button Lock Egret
List Price: $2,450.00
William Tuch 2008 Blade Show Best Handle Design
List Price: $4,800.00
Jean Pierre Sucheras Anodized Titanium & Damascus Ethos Button Lock
List Price: $6,000.00
Barry Gallagher Sole Authorship "Playboy Bunny" Damascus Automatic
List Price: $2,350.00
Patricia Walker Engraved Michael Walker "Grape Leaves" Linerlock
List Price: $4,450.00
Jerry McClure's Blacklip Pearl & Damascus Linerlock
List Price: $1,450.00
Scott Sawby Engraved Skimmer Willow Creek Jasper
List Price: $4,100.00
W.D. Pease Checkered Pen Shell & Damascus Lockback
List Price: $1,100.00
Giacomo Badillini Engraved Joe Kious Midlock Folder
List Price: $2,650.00
Jim Burke "AOW" Titanium Flipper Frame Lock
List Price: $1,175.00
Todd Rexford XL Epicenter Titanium Frame Lock
List Price: $6,500.00
[Sale Pending]
Tim Halloran Engraved Joe Kious Black Lip Pearl Dagger
List Price: $4,850.00
Rainy Vallotton Mammoth Molar & Damascus Double Enders Auto
List Price: $1,895.00
Patrick Doyle "Doyle Folder" Frame Lock
List Price: $925.00
Cliff Parker Pearl & Damascus Linerlock
List Price: $1,800.00
Julie Warenski Engraved Steve Hoel Black Lip Pearl Inlay Lockback
List Price: $3,650.00
Lynton McKenzie Engraved Ron Lake Stag Tail Lock
List Price: $17,750.00
Steve Fecas Blacklip Pearl Linerlock
List Price: $550.00
John Graham G10 Tactical Frame Lock
List Price: $690.00
Lloyd Hale Lever Release Coke Bottle
List Price: $1,800.00
Vernie Reed Pearl & Damascus Linerlock
List Price: $2,250.00
Dick Hodgson Jigged Bone Interframe Lockback
List Price: $3,400.00
Julie Warenski Engraved Joe Kious Fluted Pearl Lockback
List Price: $2,750.00
Sean O'Hare "Eclipse" Damascus & Walrus Linerlock
List Price: $1,850.00
[Sale Pending]
Andre Thorburn Black G10 Front Flipper Linerlock
List Price: $575.00
District 9 Titanium Frame Lock
List Price: $200.00
[Sale Pending]
Stephen Olszewski Black Lip Silver & Damascus Linerlock
List Price: $1,395.00
Ralph Dewey Harris Engraved Pearl Button Release
List Price: $1,400.00
Timothy Wright Fossilized Bone Lockback
List Price: $1,500.00
Ken Steigerwalt Damascus & Mammoth Lockback
List Price: $1,650.00
Ansa Dammenhayn Engraved Juergen Schanz "Alligator" DDPK 2 Frame Lock
List Price: $1,480.00
W.D. Pease Damascus Abalone & Black Lip Pearl Shell Lockback
List Price: $1,300.00
TiKnives Button Release Gravity Knife
List Price: $500.00
Ken Steigerwalt Black Lip Pearl, Damascus & Fluted Steel Lockback
List Price: $775.00
Mark W Steinbrecher Auto Black Lip Pearl Dagger
List Price: $3,650.00
W.J. McDonald Micarta Trapper Slipjoint
List Price: $500.00
Olamic Cutlery "One Off" "LTW" Edition Carbon Fiber Wayfarer Flipper
List Price: $795.00
Patricia Walker Engraved Michael Walker "Stars" Linerlock
List Price: $3,650.00
Chris Reeve Mnandi With Cocobolo Inlay Frame Lock
List Price: $325.00
Jerry Corbit Damascus & Mother of Pearl Linerlock Dagger
List Price: $1,950.00
Steve Schwarzer 2003 AKI Harley Davidson Mammoth Linerlock
List Price: $3,400.00
Rick Lala "Korth" K2 Frame Lock
List Price: $1,395.00
Brian Fellhoelter FRH Frame Lock
List Price: $895.00
Steve Hill Damascus & Black Lip Pearl Linerlock
List Price: $750.00
Jim Schmidt 7/1/81 "Grendell" #24 Lockback Folder
List Price: $19,950.00
Sean O'Hare "Minified RFK" Carbon Fiber Flipper Linerlock
List Price: $750.00
Shaun & Sharla Hansen Carved Pearl & Blued Damascus D/A Auto Dagger
List Price: $8,250.00
Des Horn Scale Release Credit Card Auto Knife
List Price: $6,000.00
[Sale Pending]
Ferrum Forge Marble Carbon Fiber Deuce Redux
List Price: $995.00
Greg Lightfoot Suppressor Camel Bone Linerlock
List Price: $695.00
Jess Horn #096 Micarta Lockback
List Price: $1,495.00
Scott Sawby Maple Self Lock Swift
List Price: $925.00
Eugene Shadley 2 Blade Pearl Slip Joint
List Price: $1,400.00
Jeff Harkins Sole Authorship Engraved Triton OTF Auto
List Price: $3,350.00
Shigeru Tozaki Engraved Gents Pocket LX Jigged Bone Slip Joint
List Price: $1,200.00
Suchat Jangtanong Damascus & Mother of Pearl and Abalone w/ Diamonds
List Price: $1,350.00
Denise Kondria Scrimshawed John Richter "Harem Girl" Auto with Damascus
List Price: $1,600.00
Donald Bell Mother of Pearl & Damascus Linerlock
List Price: $1,100.00
Microtech Ultratech D/A OTF Tan Tri-Grip Auto
List Price: $275.00
[Sale Pending]
Matt Diskin Milled Frame Lock Flipper
List Price: $750.00
Ronald Best Damascus & Black Jade Lockback Dagger
List Price: $3,400.00
W.D. Pease Pearl Semi-Interframe Lockback
List Price: $1,400.00
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