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Folding Knives

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"Forged in Fire's" Salem Straub Rose Roll Damascus Linerlock
List Price: $625.00
Benchmade Mel Pardue Design G-10 AXIS
List Price: $175.00
Barry Davis Sole Authorship Damascus and Fluted Mother of Pearl with 14kt Gold Toothpick
List Price: $2,250.00
Ray Cover Jr. Engraved Joe Kious Lockback Dagger
List Price: $2,650.00
Simon Lytton Engraved Tom Overeynder Midlock
List Price: $1,300.00
Howard Hitchmough Mother of Pearl Linerlock with Titanium Liner and 14kt Pins
List Price: $3,250.00
Brian Nadeau Cyclone Titanium Flipper
List Price: $850.00
Value Priced at: $650.00
[Sale Pending]
Christian Wimpff Abalone Inlay Carbon Fiber Linerlock
List Price: $1,950.00
Pro-Tech/Emerson E7T105-Dam Auto
List Price: $750.00
Steve Hoel Mother of Pearl Interframe
List Price: $1,250.00
[Sale Pending]
Jaun-Luc Baumberger Curved Horn Linerlock
List Price: $1,450.00
Darrel Ralph Gun Hammer Carbon Fiber Flipper
List Price: $875.00
Cliff Parker Sole Authorship Mosaic Damascus with Carved & Stippled Linerlock
List Price: $2,400.00
Vlastik Petak Engraved Rick Genovese Lockback Dagger with 14 Kt Gold Toothpick
List Price: $7,850.00
Don Hanson Damascus & Black Lip Pearl Linerlock
List Price: $1,675.00
Bob Terzuola Engraved Jade & 18Kt Gold Linerlock
List Price: $3,950.00
Mike "Wiskers" Allen Assisted Open Engraved Lockback
List Price: $695.00
Mike Irie Model 1 with Blued Mosaic Damascus Bolsters and Green Mammoth Scales
List Price: $995.00
Aaron Frederick "Big Boy" Linerlock
List Price: $495.00
Joe Kious Blacklip Pearl Lockback Dagger
List Price: $1,850.00
CJ Cai Engraved Steve Hoel Amber Lockback
List Price: $4,200.00
Joel Chamblin Mammoth Linerlock
List Price: $1,250.00
Sole Authorship Engraved Rick Eaton Folding Bowie Mammoth Flipper
List Price: $6,650.00
Steve Hoel Black Lip Pearl Wharncliffe Lockback
List Price: $1,800.00
Mike Franklin Titanium & Mammoth Button Lock
List Price: $650.00
Alan Elishewitz Pharaoh Titanium & Pearl Frame Lock
List Price: $750.00
Kit Carson Model 4 Micarta Linerlock
List Price: $1,195.00
Mel Pardue Fluted Buffalo Horn & Titanium Linerlock French Dagger
List Price: $995.00
Ken Steigerwalt Amber & Damascus Lockback Dagger
List Price: $2,850.00
Jon Robyn Engraved Joe Kious "Double Scallop" Double Pocket Locket Automatic
List Price: $32,500.00
Steve Woods Linerlock
List Price: $550.00
Todd Begg SteelCraft Titanium Frame Lock Flipper
List Price: $445.00
Tim Curry "Mini Ronin" Frame Lock
List Price: $650.00
Jess Horn Jigged Bone Slim Spear #007
List Price: $1,375.00
Rick Hinderer XM-18 G-10 Frame Lock
List Price: $1,350.00
Kelly Carlson Stabilized Thuya Burl Linerlock Engraved by Marian Sawby
List Price: $1,250.00
Steve Woods Linerlock
List Price: $550.00
David Taber "Dr. T." Large "Zulu" Stag Lockback
List Price: $1,050.00
William Lloyd Carved and Scrimshawed Octopus
List Price: $1,950.00
Ron Smith Engraved Warren Osborne #006 1988 Multi Pearl Lockback
List Price: $2,750.00
Joe Mason Engraved Gayle Bradley Nighthawk Model#3
List Price: $2,250.00
Kit Carson "M-16" Jumbo Titanium Linerlock
List Price: $1,450.00
Simone Fezzardi Engraved Salvator Puddu Mother of Pearl Lockback
List Price: $22,000.00
Don Hanson III Pearl & Damascus Linerlock Auto
List Price: $2,350.00
Sergio Consoli #428 Flipper Linerlock
List Price: $2,850.00
Lisa Tomlin Engraved WD Pease Egyptian Motif (SET 6 Knives)
List Price: $35,000.00
Peter Rassenti SNAFU Flipper
List Price: $2,095.00
Allen Elishewitz Damasteel & Titanium California Opening Leverlock
List Price: $1,350.00
Shigeru Tozaki Engraved Remington Jigged Bone
List Price: $895.00
Mark Terrell G10 w/Moonglow Inlay Linerlock
List Price: $695.00
Mark Waldrop Engraved W.D Pease Mother of Pearl Linerlock
List Price: $1,995.00
Billy Bates Engraved Johnny Stout Fluted Linerlock
List Price: $1,150.00
Johnny Stout 2 Blade Jigged Bone Slip Joint
List Price: $575.00
Tim George Engraved Jess Horn "OH" Mother of Pearl Lockback
List Price: $3,995.00
Jeremy Robertson Calavera Cutlery El Fuego Titanium Flipper
List Price: $750.00
Value Priced at: $550.00
Billy Mace Imel Pearl Semi Interframe Lockback
List Price: $950.00
Tony Bose Jigged Bone Swayback Slip Joint
List Price: $2,450.00
[Sale Pending]
John W. Smith Blued Sole Authorship Damascus Linerlock
List Price: $2,050.00
Jean Pierre Sucheras Anodized Titanium & Damascus Ethos Button Lock
List Price: $5,495.00
Robert Strosin "Salmon" Engraved Joe Kious Amber Interframe Lockback
List Price: $3,650.00
Michael Walker Bullet LinerLock
List Price: $5,650.00
Keith Coleman Damascus, Titanium and Stag Linerlock
List Price: $580.00
Armin Winkler Engraved Des Horn Black Lip Lockback
List Price: $2,950.00
Stephen Olszewski Black Lip Pearl Linerlock
List Price: $1,160.00
Gail Lunn Mosaic Damascus & Gold Lip Pearl Linerlock Dagger
List Price: $1,295.00
Jurgen Schanz Titanium Laminate Frame Lock
List Price: $820.00
Olamic Wayfarer Red C-TEK Flipper
List Price: $900.00
Eddie Baca Copper & Westinghouse Ivory Micarta "AK" Linerlock
List Price: $1,050.00
Scott Sawby Swift Micarta Self Lock
List Price: $1,300.00
Ken Steigerwalt Blacklip Pearl Scalloped Lockback
List Price: $575.00
Hermes Ram's Horn 2 Blade & Corkscrew Slipjoint
List Price: $1,000.00
Rick Dunkerly 2015 AKI “Spider In Webs” Damascus & Gold Linerlock
List Price: $7,600.00
Christy George Engraved Joe Kious "Mammoth" Mammoth Ivory Lockback
List Price: $5,000.00
Dick Hodgson Amber Lockback
List Price: $1,950.00
Ron Nott Engraved Jeff Chaffee Abalone Linerlock
List Price: $575.00
John W. Smith SD-2 Mokume
List Price: $1,150.00
Larry Chew "Fancy Covert" Damascus & Mastodon Hidden Auto Release
List Price: $1,050.00
Jeff Claiborne Blacklip Pearl 2 Bladed Slip Joint
List Price: $495.00
Jess Horn Stag Prototype Lockback
List Price: $2,350.00
Don Hanson III Sole Authorship Damascus Linerlock Auto
List Price: $2,400.00
Jon Robyn Engraved Ron Lake "Barrett Smythe" Amber Stag Interframe Tail Lock
List Price: $20,750.00
Christy George Engraved Warren Osborne Gold Lip Pearl Lockback Dagger
List Price: $3,450.00
Brian Flud Carved Dragon Multi Colored Carved Framelock
List Price: $700.00
Martin Butler Engraved Jess Horn Pearl Fighter
List Price: $4,950.00
Barry Lee Hands Engraved Joe Kious Auto Double Pocket Locket Auto
List Price: $75,000.00
Tim and Christy George "Joan of Arc" Engraved Warren Osborne Lockback Dagger
List Price: $6,850.00
Owen Wood Pietersite & Damascus Linerlock Dagger
List Price: $5,250.00
Jeff Harkins S.S. Snakewood "Q" D/A OTF
List Price: $3,950.00
Tim and Cristy George Engraved Scott Sawby Underlock "Puff the Dragon"
List Price: $5,000.00
Timothy Wright Takedown Lockback with Custom Tools
List Price: $3,250.00
TiKnives Button Release Gravity Knife
List Price: $500.00
GTC .50 Caliber Tanto Flipper with Mokuti Inlays
List Price: $3,300.00
W. D. Pease Mosaic Damascus Linerlock
List Price: $1,150.00
Aaron Frederick Lightning Strike Kevlar Linerlock
List Price: $425.00
Laurent Doussot Art Nouveau Linerlock
List Price: $1,320.00
Dan Wilkerson Engraved Jess Horn Rams Horn Lockback
List Price: $4,000.00
Pat Crawford "Stealth" Flipper Linerlock
List Price: $795.00
Kit Carson Carbon Fiber Model 16-XL
List Price: $1,595.00
Rob Douglas Linerlock Flipper
List Price: $425.00
William Henry T12 Mardi Gras Damascus & Carved Sterling Silver
List Price: $1,300.00
Jerry Corbit Hawkbill With Rubies and Gold Pins
List Price: $1,650.00
Bastian Alistair "Wombat" Mokuti & Carbon Fiber
List Price: $1,425.00
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