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Rob Douglas Linerlock Flipper
List Price: $425.00
Ernie Emerson CQC-13 Canvas Micarta Linerlock
List Price: $900.00
Bob Dozier Rosewood Drop Point Hunter
List Price: $495.00
Randall Made Gambler with Brass Guard and Black Micarta Handle
List Price: $475.00
Larry Hostetler "Hoss" Damascus & Pearl Lockback Folder
List Price: $415.00
Chuck Gedraitis Model 1 G-10 and Titanium Framelock
List Price: $550.00
KnifePurveyor Custom Knife Cleaning Kit
List Price: $80.00
Jesse Jarosz Model 75 Spearpoint with Bulletproof G10, Carbon Fiber
List Price: $850.00
Bruce Shaw Engraved Randy Lee Drop Point with Buffalo Horn & Amber Inlay
List Price: $895.00
Dietmar Kressler Ironwood Hunter
List Price: $950.00
Eldon Peterson Button Lock Auto with Burl
List Price: $950.00
Robert Terzola Titanium Linerlock
List Price: $795.00
Steve Hoel Goldlip Pearl Lockback Folder
List Price: $900.00
Ken Steigerwalt Blacklip Pearl Scalloped Lockback
List Price: $575.00
Chris English "Z" Button Release Auto
List Price: $500.00
Engraved AA Sanders Bolster Release Auto Mother of Pearl
List Price: $525.00
Ernie Emerson CQC-12
List Price: $950.00
Olamic Cutlery "One Off" "LTW" Edition Carbon Fiber Wayfarer Flipper
List Price: $900.00
Jurgen Schanz DDPK 1 Titanium Laminate Frame Lock
List Price: $820.00
Louis Vuitton America's Cup Knife #0691 with Case
List Price: $1,250.00
Value Priced at: $950.00
Johnny Stout 2 Blade Jigged Bone Slip Joint
List Price: $575.00
Chuck Gedraitis Pathfinder Linerlock
List Price: $595.00
10" Padded Zippered Case w/ KnifePurveyor Logo
List Price: $10.00
Chuck Gedraitis Model 1 Framelock
List Price: $650.00
Randall Made Model 2-4 Letter Opener
List Price: $595.00
Olamic Cutlery Wayferer Flipper
List Price: $900.00
Value Priced at: $825.00
5" Padded Zippered Case w/ KnifePurveyor Logo
List Price: $8.50
Pro-tech TR-2.66 Skull Custom
List Price: $250.00
Crusader Forge 3D Apex
List Price: $895.00
Todd Begg Anago Fixed Blade with Kydex Sheath
List Price: $625.00
Mel Pardue Fluted Buffalo Horn & Titanium Linerlock French Dagger
List Price: $995.00
Pro-Tech/Emerson E7T105-Dam Auto
List Price: $750.00
Olamic Cutlery "One Off" Desert Ironwood Wayfarer Flipper
List Price: $750.00
Patrick Doyle "Doyle Folder" Frame Lock
List Price: $875.00
Ken Coats Texas Toothpick Slipjoint with Desert Ironwood and Federal Shield
List Price: $295.00
Robert Valade Engraved Sid Birt Stag Utility Knife
List Price: $795.00
Hiroaki Ohta OLF 75 Lightning Strike Carbon Fiber
List Price: $345.00
Jeremy Robertson Calavera Cutlery El Fuego Titanium Flipper
List Price: $750.00
Value Priced at: $550.00
Michael J. Smith Ram's Horn Linerlock
List Price: $895.00
District 9 Titanium Frame Lock
List Price: $195.00
Mark Terrell G10 w/Moonglow Inlay Linerlock
List Price: $695.00
Aaron Frederick Lightning Strike Kevlar Linerlock
List Price: $425.00
Alan Elishewitz Carbon Fiber & Textured Bronze "Spatha" Flipper Linerlock
List Price: $795.00
Arthur Whale Damascus Linerlock Tanto
List Price: $950.00
Pro-Tech/Emerson E7T-2014-C CQC7
List Price: $650.00
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