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Kevin Cross African Blackwood Long Wharncliff
List Price: $360.00
Mickael Moing Bamboo Higo-No-kami Friction Folder
List Price: $350.00
Todd Begg Red G-10 Field Grade Bodega Frame Lock Flipper
List Price: $700.00
Jurgen Schanz Titanium Laminate Frame Lock
List Price: $820.00
Todd Begg G-10 Field Grade Bodega Frame Lock Flipper
List Price: $785.00
Todd Begg Blue G-10 Field Grade Bodega Frame Lock Flipper
List Price: $700.00
Ralph Turnbull Pearl & Damascus Lockback
List Price: $700.00
Chris English "Z" Button Release Auto
List Price: $575.00
Bruce Bingenheimer Lorien Design "Roundhouse" Flipper
List Price: $850.00
"Forged in Fire's" Salem Straub Rose Roll Damascus Linerlock
List Price: $725.00
Ken Steigerwalt Pearl & Nickel Silver Scale Release Automatic
List Price: $900.00
Dr. Fred Carter Desert Ironwood Intergral Drop Point Hunter
List Price: $900.00
Renaissance Wax 65ml Can
List Price: $20.00
William Henry Hand Carved Bone Linerlock
List Price: $450.00
5" Padded Zippered Case w/ KnifePurveyor Logo
List Price: $8.50
6" Padded Zippered Case w/ KnifePurveyor Logo
List Price: $8.50
Keith Ouye Wharncliffe Flipper
List Price: $750.00
David Sharp SharpWorks "Thick Scrap"
List Price: $125.00
Bill King Gold Lip Pearl & Titanium Linerlock
List Price: $750.00
Terry Theis Engraved Andy Mills Black Lip Lockback
List Price: $995.00
David Sharp "SharpWerks" Titanium & Carbon Frame Horn
List Price: $695.00
Ian Van Reenen Pearl Slip Joint
List Price: $400.00
Rich Hinderer XM24 Non Flipper G-10
List Price: $550.00
Des Horn The Ultimate Every Day Carry Knife
List Price: $850.00
Darrel Ralph V82 Balisong Holy Moly Recurve Bowie
List Price: $795.00
Richard Rogers "Chunky Sharpy" Friction Folder
List Price: $850.00
D'Holder Wickenburgh Stamped Jigged Bone Drop Point Hunter
List Price: $600.00
Bud Nealy Damascus & Buffalo Horn
List Price: $750.00
Chuck Gedraitis Model 1 G-10 and Titanium Framelock
List Price: $495.00
Jesse Jarosz Model 75 Spearpoint with Bulletproof G10, Carbon Fiber
List Price: $750.00
Pro-Tech BR1.25 Bolster Release Auto
List Price: $240.00
Olamic Wayfarer Red C-TEK Flipper
List Price: $850.00
Brian Flud Carved Dragon Multi Colored Carved Framelock
List Price: $700.00
Stipula Fountain Pen Masada Limited Edition
List Price: $850.00
Kevin Cross Redwood Burl & Damascus
List Price: $450.00
Mark Daley Higo No Kami Textured Friction Folder
List Price: $420.00
Serge Panchenko SKT-1 #38
List Price: $125.00
Greg Lightfoot Suppressor Camel Bone Linerlock
List Price: $650.00
Richard Rogers Black G-10 Tangent Folder
List Price: $675.00
Jeff Chaffee Damascus & Abalone Linerlock
List Price: $850.00
Todd Begg SteelCraft Titanium Frame Lock Flipper
List Price: $400.00
Aaron Frederick Lightning Strike Kevlar Linerlock
List Price: $425.00
Kansei Matsuno Model FL01 Carbon Fiber Flipper
List Price: $440.00
Michael J. Smith Ram's Horn Linerlock
List Price: $650.00
Robbie Dalton "Mantis" Anodized Aluminum Auto
List Price: $225.00
Frank Centofante Damascus & Pearl Linerlock
List Price: $950.00
Olamic Cutlery "One Off" Desert Ironwood Wayfarer Flipper
List Price: $750.00
[Sale Pending]
KnifePurveyor Custom Knife Cleaning Kit
List Price: $70.00
Robert Valade Engraved Sid Birt Stag Utility Knife
List Price: $795.00
Jeff Claiborne Blacklip Pearl 2 Bladed Slip Joint
List Price: $495.00
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