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Joe Kious Custom Knife Engraved Black Jade Lockback Dagger

Custom Knife by: Joe Kious ~ Engraved by: Unknown
Photo by: Michael Donato

Joe Kious Custom Knife Engraved Black Jade Lockback Dagger. A delightful little jewel. Beautifully ground Dagger Style Blade with Joe's incredible hand rubbed satin finish. The Engraver is unfortuneatly unknown, but, the work is very fine and quite intricate. The 24kt Gold Inlays are beautifully done as well. The frame is polished and adds to the overall visual impact. The Edwards Black Jade Inlays are seamless. The action is very smooth and the lock engages with a snap.

Blade Length: 2 11/16"
OverallLength: 6 1/4"
Closed Length: 3 5/8"
Weight: 2.8 oz
Blade Steel: Satin Finished ATS-34
Frame Material: Engraved 416 Stainless Steel with 24Kt Gold Inlays
Scale Material: Edwards Black Jade
Locking Mechanism: Lockback

List Price: $2,250.00
Item #4824