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Michael Walker Custom Knife Cresent Blade Lock

Custom Knife by: Michael Walker
Photo by: Michael Donato

Michael Walker Custom Knife Cresent Blade Lock. Michael Walker is a living legend in the custom knife world. He is a member of the Knifemaker's Hall of Fame as well as a member of the AKI (Art Knife Invitational). The AKI consists of the 25 top knife makers in the world.

The Crescent design and the Blade Lock locking mechanism are synonymous with Michael Walker's knives. The shape of this knife was made famous by Michael Walker. With this knife, it showcases Michael Walker's innovations (Blade Lock) and machine skills (the intricate design work on the pivot) and machining on the frame of the knife, it also shows off Michael's anodizing skills with bright vibrant colors on the pivot and spine.

Blade Length: 2 5/16"
OverallLength: 5 3/4"
Closed Length: 3 3/8"
Weight: 2.6 oz
Blade Steel: Hand Rubbed Satin Finished ATS-34
Frame Material: 416 Stainless Steel
Scale Material: Machined Stainless Steel, Machined Titanium
Locking Mechanism: Blade Lock

Item #9174