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Featured Knives

Ron Lake Button-Lock Prototype
List Price: $5,850.00
Giovanni Steduto "Creative Arts" Engraved Warren Osborne Lockback Dagger
List Price: $17,450.00
Jim Whitehead Sole Authorship Engraved Miniature Linerlock
List Price: $2,650.00
David Goldberg Leather Wrapped Tanto with Hamon
List Price: $2,950.00
Ray Cover Jr. Engraved "Wall Street" Joe Kious Auto
List Price: $24,500.00
[Sale Pending]
Lynton McKenzie Engraved Ron Lake Nickle Silver Buffalo Interframe Tail Lock
List Price: $8,250.00
Rolex GMT Master II Stainless Steel Batman 2018 116710BLNR with Oyster Bracelet Ceramic Bezel
List Price: $16,250.00
[Sale Pending]
Shane Taylor MS Stag & Damascus Recurve
List Price: $3,950.00
Patricia Walker Engraved Michael Walker Bolo Tie
List Price: $2,500.00
Jim and Joyce Minick Fluted Mammoth Button Release Auto
List Price: $1,350.00
Mathew Stodhart Scrimshawed Kaj Embretsen "Caribou and Wolves" Lockback
List Price: $4,150.00
Howard Hitchmough Damasteel & Pearl Midlock Folder
List Price: $4,350.00
Christy George Engraved Warren Osborne Pearl Lockback
List Price: $6,150.00
Owen Wood Amayak Stepanyan Engraved Linerlock Dagger
List Price: $11,500.00
[Sale Pending]
Jim Sornberger Engraved 14Kt Gold and Gold Quartz California Bowie
List Price: $21,500.00
Charly Bennica Picasso Marble Subhilt
List Price: $4,350.00
Ken Steigerwalt Dagger Large Damascus Blade Fluted Double Bolsters Checkered Pearl Shell Auto
List Price: $2,850.00
Tony Bose Stag 2 Blade Slip Joint with Oval Escutcheon #2
List Price: $4,400.00
Reese Bose Remington Jigged Bone Gent's Coffin Jack #2
List Price: $2,250.00
Claudio Sobral CAS Ring Guard Recurve Fighter without Sheath
List Price: $4,650.00
Julie Warenski Engraved George Dailey Jewel Encrusted with Damascus and Black Lip Pearl Linerlock
List Price: $6,950.00
Reese Bose Jigged Bone Congress Slip Joint #1
List Price: $2,700.00
Michael Walker Zipper Blade Crescent Blade Lock
List Price: $45,000.00
Michael Collins Engraved Ron Lake Mother of Pearl Tail Lock
List Price: $11,950.00
Aldo Rizzini Engraved Charly Bennica Mother of Pearl Folder
List Price: $8,750.00
Tim George Engraved Tore Fogarizzu Auto
List Price: $17,500.00
Bill Tuch Fluted, Stippled and Hand Rubbed Lockback Dagger
List Price: $4,450.00
Blade Show 2021 "Best Bowie" Steve Rapp Gold Lip & Mother of Pearl Kimball Bowie
List Price: $9,500.00
Jon Robyn Engraved Ron Lake "Barrett Smythe" Amber Stag Interframe Tail Lock
List Price: $19,500.00
Richard S. Wright Engraved Automatic
List Price: $6,850.00
Ken Onion Damascus Lawman Framelock Flipper
List Price: $5,200.00
Tony Bose Pearl 2 Blade Slip Joint #0
List Price: $4,200.00
Bob Loveless Riverside Green Canvas Micarta 5" Long Utility
List Price: $4,650.00
Tim George Engraved Steve Hoel BlackLip Pearl & Gold
List Price: $4,850.00
Tony Bose Goat Horn Slip Joint Gent's Knife
List Price: $4,450.00
Lisa Tomlin Engraved WD Pease Egyptian Motif (SET 6 Knives)
List Price: $19,500.00
Jon Robyn Engraved Warren Osborne Black Jade Auto Lockback
List Price: $16,500.00
Sandra Brady Scrimshawed George Herron 40 Year Anniversary Knife
List Price: $1,995.00
Burt Foster M.S. Integral Sheep Horn Fighter with Box
List Price: $2,750.00
Howard Hitchmough Sapphire and Diamond Encrusted Pearl and Damascus Lockback
List Price: $4,350.00
Ron Skaggs Engraved "Knights" Joe Kious Double Pocket Locket
List Price: $24,500.00
Bill Ruple Sowbelly Slipjoint 5 Blade Sambar Stag
List Price: $4,250.00
Barry Lee Hands Engraved Joe Kious Auto Double Pocket Locket Auto
List Price: $59,500.00
Shigetoshi Takeuchi Engraved Scott Sawby
List Price: $2,750.00
[Sale Pending]
Bill Moran Lime Kiln Maple & Brass Bowie
List Price: $6,550.00
Bob Loveless Amber Stag Mini Wilderness
List Price: $11,000.00
[Sale Pending]
Doug Casteel Carved Bronze & Damascus Bowie
List Price: $4,150.00
SR Johnson AKI 2015 Leather Wrapped KBar
List Price: $8,500.00
Bob RW Loveless Tool Steel & Micarta Stiff Horn
List Price: $4,950.00
Stan Wilson 2010 Guild Knife Damascus Button Lock with 14kt Guild Logo
List Price: $3,995.00
Buster Warenski San Francisco Bowie
List Price: $6,950.00
Bob RW Loveless Riverside Football Logo Jigged Bone Stiff Horn
List Price: $4,950.00
Ron Lake Ram's Horn Interframe Tail Lock with Gold Toothpick
List Price: $17,500.00
[Sale Pending]
Sole Authorship Engraved Rick Eaton Folding Bowie Mammoth Flipper
List Price: $4,850.00
Lloyd Hale S Guard Bowie
List Price: $6,950.00
Bob Loveless Riverside Green Canvas Micarta Semi Skinner
List Price: $4,450.00
Stan Wilson Carbon Fiber & Damascus Balisong
List Price: $4,500.00
Jerry Fisk Sendaro Knife Set
List Price: $6,000.00
Jack Busfield Aldo Rizzini Engraved Amber Interframe Lockback
List Price: $3,650.00
Anja Dammenhayn Engraved Jurgen Schanz
List Price: $7,250.00