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Special Values

The following explains the various special purchasing opportunities:

Value Priced: Knives that are “Value Priced” display their full retail price and are being offered for sale at their lowest possible selling price. Many of these knives are priced well below their replacement cost.

Discounted: Knives that are “Discounted” display their full retail price and are being offered for sale at a reduced price for an undisclosed specific period of time. After this period of time elapses the knife will be relisted at an even lower price for another period of time. This process repeats until the knife sells or until it reaches its lowest selling price. Once a knife has reached its lowest selling price, it will be relisted one last time at a “Last Chance” price for a period of time. This will be your last chance to purchase it. Act fast to take advantage of the discounted price!

Make An Offer: Knives that have “Make An Offer” below them are listed at their full retail price. Here’s an opportunity for you to set the market for a knife and to add it your collection at a significant savings. Simply click on the “Make An Offer” button below the knife and submit a fair and reasonable offer. Each knife has a reserve price but the reserves are priced aggressively to sell. I will do my best to solidify its sale. Offers will also be accepted via phone during business hours. Let’s Make a Deal!