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Jerry Fisk Custom Knife Sole Authorship Engraved Mammoth Sendaro Knife Set

Custom Knife by: Jerry Fisk ~ Engraved by: Sole Authorship Engraved
Photo by: Michael Donato

Jerry Fisk Custom Knife Sole Authorship Engraved Mammoth Sendaro Knife Set. Jerry Fisk Custom Knife Engraved Damascus Sendero. Have you ever held a Custom Knife made by a Mastersmith? A knife forged by hand from raw materials painstakingly crafted over many hours with fire, sweat, and the experience gained over thousands of years of knife making?

If you have then you know well what you see before you. If not then this, mi amigo, would be the time. This Jerry Fisk Custom Knife features a hand-forged Damascus blade in the Sendero style. The high contrast Damascus came from one of Jerry Fisk's "NLT"(National Living Treasure) knives. This style is a complete devotion to the purpose of a blade dedicating every millimeter to an effective edge. A broad sweeping belly allows a knife of reasonable size to accomplish the work of a small sword and hand forging provides the ultimate in edge retention and flexibility.

Mammoth handles with engraved pins welcome the hand with dimensions to match the lengths of the fingers. While your index finger seats firmly behind ample bolsters keeping everything in its place. Sole Authorship throughout this Jerry Fisk Custom Knife and form follows function for your enjoyment.

This knife set comes with a custom carry case, coin and custom playing cards.

Blade Length: 5"
OverallLength: 9 3/4"
Closed Length: N / A
Weight: 7 oz
Blade Steel: Sole Authorship Damascus
Scale Material: Mammoth
Guard Material: Engraved Steel with Copper and Gold Inlays

List Price: $6,000.00
Item #10942