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Michael Walker Custom Knife Zipper Blade Crescent Blade Lock

Custom Knife by: Michael Walker
Photo by: Michael Donato

Michael Walker Custom Knife Zipper Blade Crescent Blade Lock. This Blade Lock Zipper Blade Crescent folding knife was made by Michael Walker.

Michael Walker has been making custom knives full-time since 1980. He is accredited with patents or trademarks for over 20 different locking mechanisms related to locks and composite cutting blades on pocket knives. These include the “Lake and Walker Safety System” or LAWKS, BLADELock, Linerlock, Ball bearing lock, and Tough Lock.

This Crescent design, featuring Michael's Blade Lock and his ever so intricate Zip Blade is the quintessential Michael Walker knife for a collector to add to his or her collection.

Michael made a hand full of Crescent Zipper Blade knives all of which are unique. Here is an opportunity for the astute collector to add the ultimate centerpiece to their collection.

Blade Length: 2 5/8"
OverallLength: 6"
Closed Length: 3 1/2"
Weight: 3.0 oz
Blade Steel: Zipper Blade
Frame Material: Machined 440-C Steel
Locking Mechanism: Blade Lock

List Price: $45,000.00
Item #10577