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Joe Kious Custom Knife "Knights in Shining Armor" Double Pocket Locket Engraved by Ron Skaggs

Custom Knife by: Joe Kious ~ Engraved by: Ron Skaggs
Photo by: Michael Donato

Joe Kious Custom Knife "Knights in Shining Armor" Double Pocket Locket Engraved by Ron Skaggs. Joe Kious was from Kerrville, Texas. He was a full-time knife maker who sold his first knife in 1969. Joe specialized in investment-quality folding knives. It is his Pocket-Locket models for which he is best remembered. Featuring elaborate engraving, the folding knives include a small compartment in the handle with a sliding panel that slides back to reveal another engraved scene inside.

Joe became an internationally recognized craftsman whose creations were featured in numerous magazines, books, and films, and which will continue to be treasured by thousands. Sadly, Joe passed away in December 5th 2014.

This custom automatic lockback features a hand forged Jerry Rados “Turkish Twist” Damascus blade. Out of all the Damascus makers, Jerry Rados’ “Turkish Twist” is considered one of the best. The pattern itself is very tight and has an amazing finish. The Backspacer is the same Damascus steel and is nicely file worked. This knife is a trap door release automatic and the lever, as well as the sliding panels are perfectly machined into the solid 416 stainless frame of the knife. The engraving was done by Master Engraver Ron Skaggs from Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Ron Skaggs specializes in deep relief engraving and is sculpted from built up 24 K gold, fine silver and copper. The detail is amazingly intricate and provides a strong sense of movement from each of the knights. The 24 K gold, silver and copper inlays are masterfully done. Even the lock bar release is file worked and 24 K gold covered. Just like all of Joe Kious’ Pocket Lockets, the action of this knife is fast and smooth with a very secure lock up.

Blade Length: 3 13/16"
OverallLength: 9 1/16"
Closed Length: 5 3/8"
Weight: 10 oz
Blade Steel: Jerry Rados "Turkish Twist" Damascus
Frame Material: Deep Relief Carved 416 Stainless Steel Engraved with 24Kt Gold, Silver and Copper Inlays
Locking Mechanism: Lockback

List Price: $24,500.00
Item #5516