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Knife Collector's Testimonials

Bringing new collector's to the site is more difficult than ever with Google's ever-changing formats..... One thing that helps tremendously is reviews on Google.....

I am asking my clients to write a brief review of their experience working with KnifePurveyor Inc. Kindly click the following link and leave a brief review. I greatly appreciate it.

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"Thank you very much , the knife arrived a day early , and I am very happy with it . It is more than a pleasure doing business with you . I must say , your mix or professionalism and friendliness is uncommon in the Internet buying world. I look forward to working with you again . Thank you kindly"
- Gustavo, California

"I wanted to let you know that Michael is without question the best dealer I have ever worked with. I trust him, I find that he is very knowledgeable, and I think he is probably the hardest working dealer/purveyor I have ever encountered. He will truly go out of his way to work with a customer."
- Craig, South Carolina

"I am confident that I made the correct choice in you as the most competent, honest, and forthright person to market my small collection. Your modest number of years in the business mean nothing in comparison to your integrity as an individual. Thank you for all your efforts thus far, and for those yet to come. It is truly a pleasure dealing with someone that I can trust. To a long and lasting relationship. Thank you once again."
- Jeff, Illinois

"Dear Michael: Thanks again. I'm always tremendously pleased with my purchases from your site, in fact I've never once been disappointed. I concentrate more on researching various makers and techniques, and vastly less on auctions, or on finding new dealers, or deals. As far as I'm concerned I've found them - For me, this is a huge plus. There's much more value in finding a trusted dealer/colleague than one would ever imagine. Many bonuses. Many..."
- John F., California

"Michael, just a note of thanks for all the time and effort you have spent educating me and helping me find the best knives from the best makers this year. I am also grateful for the way you have treated me in every way."
- Skipper, South Carolina

"I have been buying and selling Knives on the Internet since early 1990’s maybe longer. I have seen a lot of dealer’s try to make a living from selling knives it’s not an easy task to accomplish. Michael Donato not only makes it work, but excels at it by getting to know his clients. Mike has an up to date inventory, he makes suggestions rather than just being an order taker. You can surly find hundreds of sites to buy Custom knives, But non where a knife dealer is willing to take their time to listen, get to know you & your likes, dislikes etc.

In this hyper world of “I have to have it NOW” you won’t find a better friend in the knife business than Michael. He’ll either have what you want or scour his vast knowledge/resource base to find the best match for you. Mike is my goto guy when it concerns knives.

He has the fantastic taste, uncanny talent to foresee future market trends & he stands behind every knife he sell’s. If you will go back to 2004 Blade Magazine article about him and see for yourself, who was Michael talking about then, verse who is hot now.

Your Friend and customer, Gregg"

- Gregg, Texas

"Thank you Michael for handling all of my consigned knife sales. All were sold in a timely manner. Your photos were nicely presented and they really add to each and every knife on your site. Your knowledge of the current market was benefit to me in determining the price point for each sale. I look forward towards the future when I will be purchasing instead of selling , a few of your fine knives."
- Joe G. , Boston MA

"The folders are here and they´re awesome. Chamblin´s is a classic, it´s function is perfect and becomes a folder with it´s own soul. A real beauty. Regarding Sawby´s, it´s an art piece, out of this world fit & finish, thin, light, fantastic self-lock, the MOP inlay is astonishing... What can I say my friend. It becomes a deep pleasure and a honor to work with you, and I hope we´ll work soon in the next future again."
- Luis, Spain

"Michael, I wanted to tell you how pleased I am with my Tex Skow knife. The craftsmanship and ornate design is superior. Your professionalism and kindness goes far beyond what is is expected. I am a very loyal person and you will certainly have my loyalty when it comes to purchasing again. I can not say enough kind things about the knife and yourself. Thanks so very much. Steve"
- Stephen, Florida

"I want to thank you again for your tenacity in locating knives and for your generous pricing. Without your support I would have given up on this hobby a long time ago."
- Seymour, Missouri

"Michael, The Hanson just arrived and it is, in a word, glorious!!! The fit and finish are immaculate. The materials are so beautiful and beautifully put together. The tactile feel of the deeply etched surface is amazing. I can say that it is one of my favorite knives. Thank you for your extraordinary service. It's been a great pleasure dealing with you."
- Hank, California

"All-in-all, a first-rate transaction. You treated this sale as though I had purchased a knive valued at $1,000.00 or more, and I couldn't be happier. You, sir, have class, and have earned my full respect, trust, and future patronage."
- Jeff, Ohio

"Michael, I received the knife today and I am impressed! The knife is awsome and your quick service is well appreciated! Thank you"
- Steve, Hawaii

"Hi Mike, the Overeynder/Warenski arrived and immediately became one of the highlights of my collecting endeavors-WHEW! It's super and I really owe you, not only for the way you helped me get this knife, but your overall guidance as well. Thanks much!"
- Richard, Pennsylvania

"Hello Michael, Just want to let you know I received your check today. Thank you very much. It is a pleasure to deal with someone who not only communicates with his clients but pays them promptly."
- Louis, Arizona

"Michael, if I could say one thing as a testimonial for you, it would be that " you are the caring businessman who makes everything fall into place for the benefit of your very happy customers ! ""
- James D. , California

"Michael, My shipment has arrived today! Really, it's a very wonderful knife! It is my first " Jeff Chaffee" and I am very happy to have one of his knives. Thank you very much. Cordiales salutations Richard"
- Richard H., Lyon, France

Wow, what a knife. It is a spectacular piece, both in design and workmanship, and certainly the finest Steigerwalt I have seen. It looks better in person, as I hadn’t previously noticed the tiny gold accents on the blade (nail nick and backspring) and the shimmering of the damasteel. One recognizes immediately it as a Steigerwalt, yet it clearly demonstrates some advances in his trademark carving of the steel and other design elements.

Very impressive.

Also very impressive is your service and attention to detail. Thank you for the receipt that was mailed separately, as well as the emails that let me know where things stood at every step in the process.

Cheers, Peter"

- Peter M., Denver, Colorado

"Michael, I can't thank you enough for all you have done for me to further my knife collection and support my love for these amazing pieces of functional art."
- Richard K., California

"Michael, I was able to pick up the McKissak earlier today at the Post Office. I am extremely pleased with this piece and I’m delighted to add it to my collection. Thank you for the excellent value and great service."
- Frank, Louisiana

"Michael, I received the John Smith knife yesterday. I'm very pleased with the look and quality of the knife. I would also like to thank you for the quick and courteous service that I received. I look forward to finding other knives on your website. Thanks, again."
- Wayne S., Georgia

"I have receive the knife today , and I ‘m very happy .Nice colours and contrast, great engraving . It’s my third “My knife”, (and all the D ’Holder’s “my knife” were beautiful) , but this one is very astonishing . Perfect shipping. Thank you very much."
- Bertrand G., France

"Michael, I received the knife today, wow. The hole package is first class. The snake on the sheath is awesome. Great buy, thanks."
- Rich, Wisconsin

"Michael, The knife arrived ok yesterday. It’s beautiful! I will take it with me on my next stage of the Camino de Santiago. I just hope I don’t damage it. Some people might think it’s too good to be used but, what are nice things for if we don’t use them? Thanks for the great service."
- Javier, Spain

"Hi Michael: I wanted to drop you a line and let you know the Warren Osborne MOP dagger arrived today. How exciting. It looks great and I'm very pleased with it. It's going to be a terrific addition to my collection. Also, I'm impressed with the speed with which you got it to me. Thanks you very much for the wonderful service. I'm sure we will be dealing with each other again in the near future."
- Dave T., California

"Hi Michael! I just picked up the knife, and it is AMAZING :) Thank you so much! I'm sure I'll be using you for years to come! Have an awesome weekend! Best Regards!...Doug"
- Doug, Montana

"Michael, Just a quick email to advise that the Andre van Heerden knife arrived last Friday. Yes, I received the special "treat" on Halloween. Thank you so much for the quick turn-around. The knife is exquisite, and will hold a place of honor in my collection! A beautiful knife at a fair price, who could ask for more? I hope to do more business with you in the future (I've started saving-up for the next one.)"
- Gary, Colorado

"Michael, I am extremely pleased with the Nowland knife that you mailed out to me. Thanks for selling me such a nice knife. I am keeping my eye on your site to see what comes in."
- Kenneth, Washington

"To start , excellent service from Michael Donato from Love the knife I purchased. The grinds on the knife are quit sweet ! Price was where it should be , not bloated . Fast shipping as well. I would recommend and will be buying from them again !"
- Tommy, Virginia

"Dear Michael Good new's from Vienna – the RANDALL #12 "Sportsman Bowie" arrived safely last Friday. !!! Such a great knife in excellent condition !!! Thank you for your patience and effort, I do hope we can do more business in the future."
- Heinz, Austria

"Hello Michael...... I've been wanting to write this letter to you for the past year or so.......but could never find the time. Well, I finally found the time. After being in the business community for about 45 years or so, I think I am capable of making certain judgments, with regard to the people I deal with in the course of doing business. As such, it has been my pleasure to interact with you. I have been collecting Custom Knives for years, and in doing so have bought and sold many with your help. Your expertise in the knife world is second to none! I have yet to come across someone like you who is so diligent and trustworthy, as well as knowledgeable and forthright. You made it very easy for me to buy and sell my knives thru your expertise. Frankly, I applaud you. I thank you for all you have done to make my collection what it is. Bravo. Best Regards, Allan"
- Allan, New Hampshire

"Michael, I received the knife and I am blown away. You nailed it, it's the perfect everyday carry. Your band aid kit cracked me up...nice touch. I know understand your point about the capability of opening this quickly, practice makes perfect. Nice job on all fronts of description, delivery and total customer satisfaction. You should be getting the check tomorrow as planned. I definitely hope to do business again when I am ready to buy that dream knife."
- Bernie, California

"Hi Michael, I received the Osborne/Warenski knife today. The knife is amazing! It has exceeded my expectations! The pictures on your website were beautiful but to see the knife in person took my breath away.

I want to thank you for your patience with me while I was trying to decide which knife to buy. I also want to thank you for your guidance and expertise that helped me make an informed decision. I never felt any pressure to buy. I truly believe that you were mainly interested in helping me acquire a knife that I would be 100% happy with.

The inspection period and return policy helped me to feel comfortable with the purchase in case I simply did not like the knife. I especially appreciate that there is no restocking fee if a knife is returned. Thanks again for a wonderful and fun buying experience. It was a pleasure."

- Mike, Louisville KY

"Hi Michael, It was great visiting with you this morning. I really appreciate your invariable concern for me, my collection, my goals, my enjoyment of this hobby and my sometimes silly questions. You have always been faithful to respond to every inquiry I have made. You have made it possible for me to move into new areas of knife collecting through your advice, guidance, and selfless investment of your energy in my needs. Without your help, I’d still be making bad buying decisions on a fairly regular basis. You have always selflessly advised me on which knives were a good investment even if those knives were not in your inventory but rather in another vendor’s. You have never once tried to “sell me up” to a higher priced knife for any reason other than it being a more sound investment for me and an opportunity to significantly enhance my collection.

When I first encountered you, you asked me what my goals were in knife collecting. At that time, I was about to abandon knife collecting altogether due to constantly losing money on every knife I bought. Since that day you have taught me about the market and the things that can influence individual makers’ pricing on the secondary market. You have managed to sell an unbelievable number of knives for me (often at a profit!) thus enabling me to make new purchases and always keep my collection fresh. I truly enjoy collecting knives and I know that would no longer be the case if not for you and your kind involvement. Thank you for your sincere, honest guidance and care. God bless you, Roger"

- Roger, Kansas

"Hello Michael, I just came home to find an Express Mail box containing 2 of (now my) "family heir looms". Such gorgeous pieces for them to be merely referred to as "Hunting knives"...but they are future Museum pieces in my eyes! Thank you again Michael for putting it all together for me...AND for the seller.

It is that type of effort and customer service that makes for lifetime customers and it is a seldom offered up attribute in business these days, I am afraid to say. I am grateful that you continue to be that type of person which directly relates to the quality of...and the reputation of your business practices. With thanks and great appreciation."
- Rob H, California

"Hi I absolutely love the knife! I've been meaning to email you but a you have probably seen Hurricane Harvey has had me occupied the last few days. I was exceptionally impressed by the customer service displayed by the KnifePurveyor staff. Calling and informing me of my order status and just being genuinely kind and letting me know their goal is to keep customers for life. It was my best knife buying experience to date and I hope to buy from you again thanks."
- Gunnar W., Texas

"Michael, Thank you so much for calling with the HOEL offer, very reasonable offer. You stay on the case and give the common collector a fair deal... We need more purveyors like you."
- Wayne, California

"I received the Bose knife; fantastic! I couldn't be more pleased with a knife purchase. Thank you once again for coming through with an awesome piece!"
- Gary, California

"The Steve Schwartzer knife arrived and i am very happy with it. It is a beauty and it looks good in my collection."
- Heinz, Germany

"I just returned to Hong Kong from a biz trip and found the beautiful knife on my desk. This is one of the best fixed blades from Arpad."
- Kenny, Hong Kong

"Michael is one of the very best in the knife business and will be a good person for you to keep in contact with. A few times now, Michael has been able to locate a knife that I was looking for and never thought I would find…he is incredible."
- Craig, South Carolina

"Michael, you are as good as gold. A better, more helpful businessman among knife purveyors just doesn't exist. You came thru with the Warenski knife and now again. Thank you ! James"
- James, California

"Hi Michael, The parcel arrived and I'm very happy with the 2 choices. The Marfione-Koji Closer is very refined and well-conceived. These 2 guys work together beautifully to achieve a fully realized and executed design. And the Elmax blade is SCARY sharp. Where the heck is my Knifepurveyor band-aid?(!) The Robertson is a fun, rugged and satisfying knife. It's a rough piece of work with not a lot of finesse but it's done quite well. I particularly enjoy the full-bellied blade. There are design errors here and there but nothing big enough to detract from the concept of the knife, which is one I like. Thank you, Michael, for sending the knives and for making them available to me from your impressive web-site, connection with the knife makers, and all the knife shows around the world you attend on our behalf. Sincerely, Ian"
- Ian, Chicago

"Hi Michael, the knives are great, thank you. The smaller knife with the woman engraved into it has become my favorite and I carry it with me everywhere. I couldn't possibly like it more."
- Paxson, California

"Michael, I received the knife today in perfect condition. It’s a terrific drop point and looks good next to my Loveless. I’m very pleased with it. Also, thank you for making delivery painless."
- Craig, Florida

"It arrived safe and sound today. Good speedy service. Thanks"
- Colin, England

"Mr. Donato, Again thank you for this consideration. I love the knife."
- Jimmy, New York

"Michael, I just received my knives and they are great, I'm very excited about the two new additions to my collection. Thank you for working with me on this order I really appreciate it. The knife cases you through in are great as well. I look forward to doing business in the future."
- Curt, Arizona

"Michael, I picked up the Fuegen Bowie from Curt. As Curt has probly mentioned, he and I are best friends. He has spoken highly of you and that you have helped him out. I know he appreciates what you do very much and I wanted to tell you how much I appreciated what you did getting this knife. I look forward to doing more business with you in the future."
- Joe, Arizona

"The W.D. Pease really looks great. You did a great job. Thanks."
- Peter, New York

"Michael: The knives arrived today - wow. I'm pretty chuffed, all three are sensational. - I LOVE much of the new work JON ROBYN is doing. A+++++ To say nothing of your endlessly captivating and inspirational taste."
- John F., California

"Hi Michael. The Easler arrived today. What a sweet little knife! Excellent work and very reasonably priced. Thank you for your help with this knife. I really appreciate it!"
- Matt, Canada

"Oh Michael, you are such a help. Isn't it nice that we can rely on each other and be friends and our ages are 50 that is FIFTY years apart. That is very pleasing to me."
- Don, Hawaii

"Michael, I am writing to tell you how pleased I am with my experience with You went above and beyond what other businesses will do to assure customer satisfaction. Your personal touch is one of the reasons I bought the knife. I liked it to begin with, but speaking with you sealed the deal."
- James, North Carolina

"Michael, Here's another I just couldn't pass up. I'm also beginning to appreciate the phrase "Sole authorship". And let's face it, the price is definitely right."
- John F., California

"A great knife, Michael. Even better than I expected. Thanks for the speedy delivery and great customer service."
- Bill, California

"Michael, the Koji Hara has arrived and I am as pleased as punch with the knife."
- Gregg, Texas

"Hey Michael, the Randy Lee just arrived and it looks great! I also want to let you know that not only is the knife in such a pristine condition, but that I really do appreciate the quick turnaround in getting it out to me here in California. I'm confidant that we'll do business again soon."
- Jim, California

"Thanks so much Michael, it is always a pleasure speaking with you. I am very pleased to have a dealer that I can trust and depend on. I hesitate to use the word dealer, because I put you in a class above the others out there!"
- Craig, South Carolina

"I have purchased several knives from Michael for my collection. Each and every one of them has been precisely described and have exceeded my expectations when I received them. The photography on the website is so crisp and professional that I can buy with confidence, without ever seeing a knife in person. Thanks for all your assistance. It is a pleasure to do business with you!"
- John D., California

"Mike, The knives are fantastic. They're not only beautiful, but the Steigerwalt felt like magic in my hand. I love it. I can't thank you enough, especially for the speed with which you got them to me."
- Barry B., Florida

"All I can say is the knife is beautiful! What a piece of art. Hats off to Nate Clark for his incredible workmanship, Jerry Rados for his out-of-this world Damascus blade work, and you for sourcing and delivering the knife to me."
- Steve C., Canada

"Hi Michael, I just wanted to confirm that I received the knife today. It looks great as I was expecting and I am very happy with it. I look forward to dealing with you again. Thank you!"
- Chris N., Florida

"Got the Taylor; it is gorgeous. As always Michael, thank you for your help. Thanks again for a great piece."
- Joseph B., California

"I have to say that your site has always been one of my most favorite to peruse; you have a fairly spectaculor collection! I hate to admit it but after I opened the Centofante's wrapping, I just sat there for a few minutes and went "WOW!". I have been searching for something like this for 7-8 yrs. It was worth the wait."
- Lowell P., Colorado

"I recevied the Don Fogg on Saturday and am thrilled with it. I find the damascus dark, unique almost antique looking. Working with you was a pleasure and I look forward to future purchases and meeting you at the Blade Show."
- Jon K., Florida

"Mike: Knife arrived today. I am super pleased, as I anticipated a much smaller being a boot. Beautiful knife and thanks for giving me the opportunity to purchase it from you."
- Peter, Arizona

"Greetings Michael, I picked up the Velarde yesterday. I am very happy with the knife. A great example of Ricardo's perfection in steel. His knives are among the best in my collection."
- Jim M., California

"Hi Michael, Even tho I have dealt with you before and I know the level of service you provide your customers, I am still coming away slightly amazed at how you truly go out of your way and the personal care you give your customers. Not to mention your expertise and patience with someone like me ! The Bailey Bradshaw knife I just received from you is not only beautiful.....but I checked the prices around the network and your prices are hard to beat. And I appreciated the super fast mailing and careful packaging. Thank you again for making my latest purchase with you a happy one. You can be assured of my continuing patronage. Most Sincerely, James"
- James, California

"It was nice of you to follow up with me and keep me posted. You continue to set yourself in a class beyond the other knife dealers I have worked with. I appreciate all your help, knowledge, and honesty."
- Craig, South Carolina