Alex Gev Custom Knife Sole Authorship Engraved Automatic

Alex Gev has done a superb job with this dragon and phoenix themed hidden release auto that is among his very best folders. His unique hidden frame lock not only fires the blade, it also releases the blade lock. The deep carving and build up work are at a level that few others can match with inlays of yellow, red, and green gold. The detail of all the individually inlaid and carved scales on the dragon and feathers of the phoenix alone are enough to boggle the mind. The gold and platinum inlaid blade repeats the dragon and phoenix theme and is just as impressive as the rest of this work of art. As Alex is both the maker and the engraver, he is able to create a perfect package. This is a large knife yet it is in no way a bulky or chunky knife, quite the opposite. It is a pleasure to hold in the hand. It comes with a blue felt case made in the shape of a book to store and present his masterpiece. A true sole authorship work of art from the "Art Master" himself.


Knife Maker Alex Gev
Blade Length 4 5/16"
Overall Length 10 3/16"
Closed Length 5 15/16"
Weight 9.9 oz
Blade Material Engraved Damascus with 24Kt Gold and Silver Inlays
Frame Material Engraved 416 Stainless Steel with 24 Kt Gold and Rose Gold Inlays
Condition Mint

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