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  • Dew Hara Custom Knife ATS-34 Steel Mirror Finished Kabuto Tactical Folder Button Lock Back

    Sale Pending
  • Reese Weiland Custom Knife Desert Ironwood & Titanium Linerlock

    Sale Pending
  • R.J. McDonald Custom Knife Fluted Spalted Maple Linerlock

    Sale Pending
  • Mike Zscherny Custom Knife Damascus and Timascus “Shindgy” Frame Lock Flipper

    Sale Pending
  • Juergen Schanz Titanium Laminate Custom Knife w/ Stonwashed Niolox Blade

    Sale Pending
  • Doc Hagen Custom Knife Interframe Folder 440C Mirror polished Lockback

    $475.00 Add to cart
  • Jens Anso Custom Knife Carbon Fiber and Super Conductor Framelock

    Sale Pending
  • Michael Burch Custom Knife Fluted Canvas Micarta Frame Lock with Hamon

    $1,250.00 Add to cart
  • Brian Fellhoelter Custom Knife Machined Lightning Strike Carbon Fiber FLG Frame Lock

    $695.00 Add to cart
  • Marfione Custom Knife Troodon Recurve Purple Haze Titanium 05/2018

    Sale Pending
  • Brian Fellhoelter Custom Knife Green G-10 Dauntless Framelock

    $875.00 Add to cart
  • Chuck Stewart Custom Knife Mammoth Interframe Scale Release Automatic

    Sale Pending
  • Derek Munroe Custom Knife Textured Green and Black G-10 Linerlock

    $795.00 Add to cart
  • Brad Fairall Custom Knife Carbon Fiber Anodized Folding Karambit Framelock

    Sale Pending
  • Sergio Consoli Custom Knife #428 Timascus, Bronze and Titanium Flipper with Skull Crusher

    Sale Pending
  • John W. Smith Custom Knife Stag Linerlock

    Sale Pending
  • Benchmade Custom Knife 583SBK Tanto G-10 AXIS Assist w/ Extra Set G-10 Scales

    $230.00 Add to cart
  • Benchmade Custom Knife 15020S-1 Michael Waddell Collaboration Bone Collector Axis Green G-10 Extra Set of Black G10 Scales

    $185.00 Add to cart
  • JD Van Deventer Custom Knife Wood Interframe Linerlock Flipper

    $425.00 Add to cart
  • Ken Onion Custom Knife Anodized Textured Titanium Wrinkle Frame Lock Flipper

    $1,795.00 Add to cart
  • Walter Randolph Custom Knife Carbon Fiber Zirconium Deimos Flipper with Mokuti Accents

    $2,475.00 Add to cart
  • Kirby Lambert Custom Knife Black G-10 and Carbon Fiber Snap Flipper

    $895.00 Add to cart
  • Peter Martin Custom Knife Carbon Fiber Zircu-Ti S35VN Cracked Ice Finish Triple Color Anodized Windowed Back Bar

    $1,950.00 Add to cart
  • Phil Boguszewski Custom Knife Blue Anodized Titanium Black Lip Pearl Interframe Linerlock #1

    $3,850.00 Add to cart
  • Tom Ferry Custom Knife Sole Authorship Engraved “DST” Framelock Flipper

    $2,250.00 Add to cart
  • Mike Irie Custom Knife Model 1 Ironwood and Damascus Linerlock

    $650.00 Add to cart
  • David Mosier Custom Knife Titanium Frame Lock Flipper

    $1,650.00 Add to cart
  • Ferenc Tumpek Custom Knife Kat Stainless Steel Linerlock

    $450.00 Add to cart
  • Steve Jernigan Custom Knife Mike Norris Crazy Lace Damascus Interframe Linerlock

    $1,150.00 Add to cart
  • Ralph Turnbull Custom Knife Folder ATS-34 Steel Mirror Finished Lockback

    $485.00 Add to cart
  • Robert Capdepon Custom Knife Folder Stainless BG-42 Linerlock

    $545.00 Add to cart
  • Bill Cheatham Custom Knife Micarta Fixed Blade

    $295.00 Add to cart
  • Bud Nealy Custom Knife Carbon Fiber Prototype

    $325.00 Add to cart
  • Bud Nealy Custom Knife Carbon Fiber Tactical “Prototype” Fixed Blade

    $325.00 Add to cart
  • Pat Crawford Custom Knife Stag Dagger

    $750.00 Add to cart
  • Bob Lofgreen Custom Knife Micarta Dagger

    $295.00 Add to cart
  • Bill King Custom Knife Gold Lip Pearl and Titanium Linerlock

    $550.00 Add to cart
  • Jerry McClure Custom Knife BlackLip Pearl and Damascus Linerlock

    $1,450.00 Add to cart
  • Brian Flud Custom Knife Carved Dragon Multi Colored Carved Framelock

    $625.00 Add to cart
  • Mike Franklin Custom Knives Anodized Titanium & Mammoth Button Lock

    $450.00 Add to cart
  • Joe Olson Custom Knife Sole Authorship Damascus Linerlock

    $1,450.00 Add to cart
  • Joe Kious Custom Knife Blacklip Pearl Interframe Slip Joint

    $850.00 Add to cart
  • John W Smith Custom Knife SD-2 with Carbon Fiber and Timascus Linerlock

    $995.00 Add to cart
  • David Taber Custom Knife Damasteel & Carboquartz Outsider Slip Joint

    $795.00 Add to cart
  • Jon Graham Custom Knife Lightning Strike Carbon Fiber and Timascus Framelock

    Sale Pending

Showing 1–45 of 145 results

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