Bud Nealy Custom Knife Carbon Fiber “Pick Tactical” Military Fixed Blade

This "Pick Tactical" knife was designed by Michael Robert Pick, Kempo Grandmaster and Martial Arts Trainer to Special Forces Group 10 Ft. Carson Co. #26 Knife, issue to Group 10.  First three kills reported operational anaconda Afghanistan April/May 2002. #003: Knife #001 and #002 to Mike Pick, # X001 Col Charles Clevland Group Commander Logos:  UKF (Universal Kenpo Federation) Bud Nealy Special Forces Group 10 This is the only civilian PTK that will carry the Group 10 logo.


Knife Maker Bud Nealy
Blade Length 5 7/8"
Overall Length 10 5/8"
Weight 8.3 oz
Blade Material S30V
Scale Material Carbon Fiber
Condition Near Mint
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