David Goldberg Custom Knife Sole Authorship “Chishio Tonbo” ” Blood Dragonfly” Zanto

Here is another great piece from sword smith David Goldberg "Kinzan". Classification-fixed blade dagger. This Zanto is named: : " Chishio Tonbo " or in English , "Blood Dragonfly". All of Kinzan's works are titled. To the Japanese, it symbolizes summer and autumn and am admired and respected all over, so much so that the Samurai use it as a symbol of power, agility and best of all, Victory. In art it appears in family crests, fabric, pottery glaze, and most all of the art forms we cherish today. The specialized hada, ( skin grain pattern) in the steel Is the "Mokume" (burled wood grain) style forging pattern. The Zanto is a unique knife design created by David Goldberg starting back in 1995. It is based on the Japanese Aikuchi style Tanto. Aikuchi meaning tanto without guard. The word "Zanto" is a word that David coined for his "Ready Knife" to him it has a dual purpose meaning: Zanshin is the Japanese term for self observation, as well as awareness and readiness. This is the mindset that the Samurai embodied, always prepared to defend themselves, their honor, and their lord. The term for knife is "to" therefore "ready knife". It has a second meaning as well. The term Zan meaning mountain by itself is the second part of David's sword smithing name. A name that his teacher gave him "Kinzan" meaning Gold Mountain. The blade design is based on the Japanese tanto geometry. The word Tanto is used to refer to a Japanese sword that is less than 30 centimeters in length. Commonly known as a Japanese fighting knife, or dagger meant for in close defense where a sword could not be used. Such as indoors or where a sword was not allowed to be worn. Kinzan prefers to adhere to the classical line and geometry of traditional Japanese swords. So in order for him to achieve this he developed the "Zanto". The idea for Kinzan's Zanto came when realizing that traditional tanto design Saya(case) was not practical for modern daily carry. So, he came up with a specialized proprietary carry saya design. This knife can be worn in the traditional position as a classically mounted tanto. However it is slim and comfortable for western style belt mounting. It can be carried in several positions. One, Hidden up along the side of the torso, as well as angled forward to allow for easy deployment! Each and every Zanto sold by KnifePurveyor.com is a sole author piece from Kinzan, made exclusively by Kinzan himself. The metallurgy, forging, hardening, polishing, handle, case and hand carved ornaments. All of Kinzans knives and swords come with a lifetime warranty for superior craftsmanship. The Blade geometry is very important to the feel and balance of any knife. Kinzan uses the traditional thick spine with the "mune" (roof ridge) design just as he does on his swords. The shape of the blades profile is classic to tanto form. The blade has "Niku" (meat or belly in the blade) this is commonly referred to in western terms as "cannel grind" On a true Japanese style blade the geometry goes to a zero edge. This is how the Japanese blade can be strong and stay sharp. The blade has a Kobuse construction ("U" shaped jacket-iron core insert). Kinzan has been making his own "mokume gane" for many years. An artist such as Kinzan has a high level of understanding with this process, aas well as hardening and polishing. He has the ability to control the grain will come out. This Zanto comes complete with Kinzan's exclusive design scabbard. It is velvet lined hand formed kydex and is covered in genuine ostrich skin. The knife comes in a padded storage case exclusively from knifepuveyor.com These knives are collector grade self defense carry pieces. Although all of Kinzan's Zanto are similar in design, form , and function, each piece is unique, a true one of a kind. Signed in Japanese Kanji " Kin Zan" in two characters on the tang.  
Knife Maker David Goldberg
Blade Length 7 1/4"
Overall Length 11 1/2"
Weight 10.2oz
Blade Material "Mokume Gane" Kinzan's Proprietary High Carbon Steel
Scale Material Hand Sanded Leather Wrap Over Stingray Skin, Solid Sterling Silver "Blood Dragonfly" Menuki
Condition Near Mint

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