Koji Hara Custom Knife Carved Linerlock

Koji Hara is Japan's top custom knife maker and designer. His skilled techniques and sensitive artistic sense allow him to create Art knife masterpieces that give you a sense of Japanese 'soul'. A native of Japan, Koji Hara was born in 1949 in Imari City, and is one of the most traveled of Japanese knifemakers, attending shows throughout his home country as well as over the United States and Europe. When he began making his first knives in 1988, they were his versions of Bob Loveless designs. Three years later he held a one-man knife show in Seki City, Japan, heart of the production cutlery industry. It was at this point in his career that he realized he had to make and sell knives of his own concept and design if he was going to succeed. In 1994 Koji had become a Probationary Member of the American Knifemakers Guild, and in 1997 a Voting Member. During this period, he was participating in at least five American shows per year and would soon be attending shows in Europe.
Annually, this prolific maker attends two knife shows in Japan, in addition to having maybe two one-man shows, usually in smaller communities, where collectors don't visit the larger cities. He feels these small shows enable more and more people to become familiar with custom knives. He has received awards for his folders such as "Best in Show" and "Most Innovative" in several international knife shows. Koji primarily uses a powdered stainless steel known as Cowry-Y, made by Daido Steel in Japan, for his blades. It holds an excellent cutting edge and polishes to a high mirror finish. 
This knife comes from an important collection and is currently available to be added to your's.  Koji Hara offers so much value for his price point.  I believe that his knives are greatly undervalued and are priced well below where they should be.   Do not miss out on the opportunity to add a Koji Hara knife to your collection!


Knife Maker Koji Hara
Blade Length 2 3/8 "
Overall Length 5 7/16 "
Closed Length 3 1/16 "
Weight 2.1 oz
Blade Material Cowry-Y
Frame Material Carved 416 Stainless Steel
Locking Mechanism Linerlock
Condition Near Mint

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