Shaun and Sharla Hansen Custom Knife Black Jade with Damascus and 24KT Gold Leaf Inlay Dagger

This superlative Shaun and Sharla Hansen dagger was completed in October of 2021 and conceived to be the very best possible down to the finest details. There is engraving and gold inlay work everywhere it could be put including both sides of the pommel, the spacer above the guard, and both sides of the guard. The guard is their intricately carved mustache style with an inlayed and carved gold leaf on top of each side of the guard. The handle is high polished black jade that was then carved and inlaid with engraved 24K gold leaves in a continues scroll pattern. This is a perfect complement to the blade which is their own Damascus and carved and inlaid with a matching engraved gold leaf pattern. The sheath is just as elaborate as the dagger itself and brings it all together with both sides completed as presentation sides. One side features a large Bulino panel with a tasteful female warrior riding a tiger, her falcon perched on her shoulder, and she is holding THIS dagger in her hand. The other side features a beautiful polished black jade oval that is carved and inlaid with their 24K gold engraved leaves. Both sides feature intricately carved and blued frames outlining their centerpieces. The top cap is engraved, and gold inlaid on both sides, the tip is finished in a classic ball style, and additional art was etched into the blank areas. This was meant to be their very best work and it shows. You could wait years and not have one this fine.
Knife Maker Shaun and Sharla Hansen
Blade Length 13"
Overall Length 19 1/2"
Weight 22oz
Blade Material Sole Authorship Damascus w/ 24Kt Gold Inlays
Scale Material Black Jade Carved and Inlaid with Engraved 24K Gold Leaves
Guard Material Carved 416 Stainless Steel with 24Kt Gold Leaves
Engraver Sharla Hansen
Condition Excellent

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