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Elton Misner Custom Knife Bob Loveless Style Black Buffalo Horn Utility Hunter

Custom Knife by: Elton Misner
Photo by: Michael Donato

Elton Misner Custom Knife Bob Loveless Style Black Buffalo Horn Utility Hunter. Elton Misner, Custom Knife Maker.

Elton first became interested in knives as a boy, back in a time when every (respectable and even the not so respectable) school-age boy had a pocket knife on him at all times. Elton learned at a very young age the utility of carrying a knife, and still carries one on his side at all times to this day.

As a lifelong hunter and avid shooter, Elton had a need for a better hunting knife. In early 1973 Elton subscribed to and regularly read the Gun Digest Book of Knives, where he carefully studied knife design and craftsmanship of makers like Bob Loveless and Steve Johnson, although at the time, he couldn’t afford one Elton was particularly fond of the ($110) Loveless’s Drop Point hunter.

Being a machinist, Elton was very familiar and proficient with tools and knew how to make things. Out of his need for a better hunting knife and his daily tease from the Gun Digest Book of Knives, of the knives he couldn’t afford, Elton started to think “Hell, I can make one of those” so, Elton set off to make a knife for himself.

He went to work learning the different knife types, blade steels and knifemaking techniques. He learned tips and techniques from local tool and knife makers, used their sources for supplies and finally placed his order of (D2) steel and Stag in his attempt to make his first knife.

It is a double ground blade of D2 Steel (ground with a Dremel) and has a stag handle. Elton made that knife over 50 years ago and still has that very knife in his shop today in Raleigh, where he actively continues to make custom knives.

A few years after making that first knife, Elton was able to get the shop phone number for and became acquainted with Bob Loveless, and through Bob formed a longtime friendship with Jim Merritt. Elton considers Jim his mentor and learned much from Jim until his passing (December 2018). Elton patterns all his knives after the legendary Bob Loveless and in fact, uses the Loveless patterns directly from Bob’s shop

Michael Donato from knifePurveyor.com first became aware of Elton’s work and was introduced to Elton 5 years ago.

Michael with 17 plus years of collecting and selling custom knives such as, Bob Loveless, Buchanan, and SR Johnson Knives, knew immediately that Elton had a very special talent for making fine custom fixed blade knives. Michael stated recently “Elton’s skill set far exceeds his notoriety, his workmanship and attention to detail will amaze any seasoned collector that is unfamiliar with Elton’s mastery of knifemaking”.

Elton's knives are featured and sold exclusively on KnifePurveyor.com, Michael and his staff would be happy to introduce you to the true beauty and skilled mastery of Elton Misner's custom knives.

Elton Misner was born in Wake County NC in 1942, he is a long-time resident of Raleigh NC.

Blade Length: 4 1/2"
OverallLength: 9 1/8"
Closed Length: N / A
Weight: 6.1 oz
Blade Steel: Mirror Polished CPM 154-CM Steel
Scale Material: Black Buffalo Horn
Guard Material: Mirror Polished 416 Stainless Steel

List Price: $1,050.00
Item #6917