Carbon Steel

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  • H.H. Frank Custom Knife 2002 Sole Authorship Engraved Water Buffalo Horn and 14Kt Gold Lockback Dagger

    Sale Pending
  • Burt Foster Custom Knife Master Smith Integral Fighter Forged Steel w/ Hamon with Sheep Horn and Custom Box

    $3,350.00 Add to cart
  • David Goldberg Custom Knife Leather Wrapped Tanto with Hamon

    $3,450.00 Add to cart
  • Robert Lindsey Custom Ax “Large” Small Viking Ax

    Sale Pending
  • H.H. Frank Custom Knife Sole Authorship Engraved Polished Stag Lockback

    $4,650.00 Add to cart
  • Frank Centofante Custom Knife Jon Robyn Engraved Abalone Side Lock

    $2,450.00 Add to cart
  • Rick Eaton Custom Knife Sole Authorship Engraved Folding Bowie Mammoth Linerlock Flipper #01

    $4,850.00 Add to cart
  • Jay Hendrickson Custom Knife Wire Inlaid Hunter

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Showing all 8 results

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