New Knives

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    Kay Embretsen Custom Knife Sole Authorship Explosion Damascus and Mammoth Interframe Lockback

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  • Klotzli Knives Carbin Fiber ATS-34 Linerlock ACC1-M1-C

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  • Weldon Whitley Custom Knife Ironwood Hunter w/ Brass Guard

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    Kaj Embretsen Custom Knife Mammoth and Damascus Lockback

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  • Gil Hibben Custom Knife Peter Mayac Scrimshawed Mammoth Tusk “Artic Winter Games Fixed Blade”

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  • Joseph Szilaski Custom Knife Damascus and Abalone Carved Wizard Dagger

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  • Sheffield Sterling Silver Pearl Handle Custom Letter Opener

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  • Shane Taylor Custom Knife Scorpion Tail Kukri Feather Pattern Textured Bronze Bolsters w/ Carved African Blackwood

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  • Shane Taylor MS Custom Knife Mystery Lady Blued Sole Authorship Mosaic Damascus 15N20 & 1084 Steel Linerlock Flipper

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  • Steve Schwarzer Custom Knife 2003 AKI Mammoth Harley Davidson Motorcycle with Mosaic Damascus 1 of 4 Motorcycle Mosaics Linerlock

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  • Bill Moran Custom Knife Lime Kiln ST-23 Fighter

    $10,500.00 Add to cart
  • Jay Hendrickson Custom Knife Hand Forged Fixed Blade with Tiger Striped Maple with Silver Inlays

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  • Jay Hendrickson Custom Knife Wire Inlaid Hunter

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  • Ron Newton Custom Knife Fossil Walrus Hideout

    $2,000.00 Add to cart
  • Bill Moran Custom Knife #1 Bill Moran’s Personal Skinner with Fluted Nickel Silver & Fluted Mammoth

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  • George Schepers Custom Knife Damascus D-Guard Bowie

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  • Chuck Stewart Custom Knife Red Coral Inlaid Scale Release Automatic

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  • Jim Crowell Custom Knife Damascus Bowie with R. Dimarzo Carved Fossilized Walrus and Stingray Sheath

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  • Harvey Dean Custom Knife Sole Authorship Damascus and Stag Bowie

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  • Joe Flournoy ABS Master Bladesmith Custom Knife Checkered Walnut Upswept Fixed Blade

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  • Frank Centofante Custom Knife Black Lip Pearl Tail Lock Engraved by Lance Kelly

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  • Harold Brown Custom Knife Engraved by Fred Harrington Pearl Interframe Tail Lock

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    Michael J. Smith Custom Knife Damascus & Mother of Pearl Shell Automatic Linerlock Dagger

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  • Bertie Rietveld Custom Knife Mokume Pearl and Sole Authorship Dragon Skin Damascus Bertie-Lock Folder

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    Olamic Cutlery Custom Knife “One Off” “LTW” Edition Carbon Fiber Wayfarer Flipper

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  • Pat Crawford Custom Knife Black Micarta with Aloma Crawford Scrimshawed Black Widow Spider Boot Dagger

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  • John Young Custom Knife Model 17 Fighter with Bark Mammoth and Stainless Steel Guard

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    Zaza Revishvilli and W.D. Pease Collaboration Custom Knife Filigree with Garnet and Damascus Linerlock Folder

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    S.R. Johnson Custom Knives Africa’s Big Five Set of 5 Hunters Color Scrimshawed by Ron Skaggs

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  • Michael Walker Custom Knife Damasteel Damascus Titanium with Gold and Mokume Button Lock

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