New Knives

  • Eugene Shadley Custom Knife 2 Blade Mother of Pearl with Gold Pins and Escutcheons Slip Joint

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  • Kelly Carlson Custom Knife Marian Sawby Engraved Anodized Titanium & Stabilized Thuya Burl Linerlock

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  • Ryuichi Kawamura Custom Knife Mother of Pearl Shell 3 Blade Slip Joint Engraved by Simon Lytton

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  • Aaron Frederick Custom Knives Lightning Strike Carbon Fiber & Hand Rubbed Satin Finished S30V “Big Boy” Linerlock

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  • TiKnives Custom Knife Button Release Gravity Knife

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  • Zaza Revishvili Custom Knife Filigree Desk Dagger

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  • Mike Tison Custom Knife Micarta Slip Joint

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  • Eldon Peterson Custom Knives Green Sea Snail Shell Double Interframe Lockback Engraved by Tony Lageose

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  • Laurent Doussot Custom Knife Devin Thomas “Raindrop” Damascus, Sculpted Mammoth & Anodized Titanium and Art Nouveau Linerlock

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  • Mike Franklin Custom Knives Anodized Titanium & Mammoth Button Lock

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  • Joe Olson Custom Knife Sole Authorship Damascus Linerlock

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  • Ralph Turnbull Custom Knife Mother of Pearl & Damascus Lockback

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  • Ricardo Velarde’s Custom Knife Amber Stag Integral Subhilt Dirk

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