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  • Dellana Custom Knife 2003 AKI Black Lip Tahitian Pearl Shell & Damascus Triple Bolster Lockback Dagger

    $11,500.00 Add to cart
  • W C Pass Custom Knife Micarta Wilderness

    Sale Pending
  • Warren Osborne Custom Knife Black Lip Tahiitan Pearl Shell Automatic Lockback Dagger Engraved by Julie Warenski

    Sale Pending
  • James “Jimmy” Lile Custom Knife Mammoth and Brass “Regular 7 Hunter” with Checks and Cracks in Handle

    $650.00 Add to cart
  • Prince Custom Knives Damasteel, Timascus and Zirconium “Daruma” Linerlock Flipper

    $1,695.00 Add to cart
  • Bertie Rietveld Custom Knife Humming Bird Mammoth and Hot Blued Dragon Skin Damascus Fixed Blade

    $1,195.00 Add to cart
  • Don Hanson Custom Knife Sole Authorship Mosaic Damascus and Hand Forged Blade with Hamon and Mammoth Scary-Tac Linerlock

    $3,650.00 Add to cart
  • Barry Gallagher Custom Knife Model 17 Tahitian Black Lip Pearl and Meteorite Linerlock

    Sale Pending
  • Curt Erickson Custom Knife Stag Recurved Hunter Engraved by Julie Warenski-Erickson

    $1,850.00 Add to cart
  • George Herron Custom Knife Black Micarta LDC-F5 Fighter #31

    $1,550.00 Add to cart
  • Zaza Revishvili Custom Knife Blued Mosaic Conny Persson Damascus and Fine Silver Filigree with Scabbard

    $1,495.00 Add to cart
  • Curt Erickson Custom Knife Mammoth Skinner Engraved by Julie Warenski

    $1,850.00 Add to cart
  • Jimmy Lile Custom Knife Rambo The Mission Stilletto

    $1,050.00 Add to cart
  • Frank Centofante Custom Knife Desert Ironwood Tail Lock Folder Tampa, Florida Stamp

    Sale Pending
  • Jimmy Lile Custom Knife Desert Ironwood Integral Grizzly Bear Hunter

    Sale Pending
  • Rick Dunkerley Custom Knife Bark Mammoth and Blued Sole Authorship “Cowboy Pattern” Mosaic Damascus Linerlock

    $3,650.00 Add to cart
  • Michael Burch Custom Knife Michael Burch Midtech DAO

    $490.00 Add to cart
  • Elvan Allred Custom Knife Scott Allred Engraved Blue Sea Coral Interframe Lockback

    Sale Pending
  • Ron Best Custom Knife Damasteel and Amber Interframe Lockback

    Sale Pending
  • The Art Knives & Knife Engraving of Julie Warenski-Erickson Book by Dr. David Darom

    $95.00 Add to cart
  • Joel Chamblin Custom Knife Green Jigged Bone 2 Blade Gunstock Pattern Slip Joint

    $1,650.00 Add to cart
  • Doc Hagen Doc Hagen Custom Knife 3 Bladed Lockback/Slipjoint Stag Whittler

    $690.00 Add to cart
  • DE Henry Custom Knife Lynton McKenzie Engraved Finger Grooved Hunter with Scabbard

    Sale Pending
  • Michael Burch Custom Knife Midtech Titanium Framelock

    $490.00 Add to cart
  • DE Henry Custom Knife Stag Finger Groover Skinner with Silver Escutcheon

    Sale Pending
  • Butti Custom Knife Swing Guard Lockback With Corkscrew

    Sale Pending
  • Todd Davison Custom Knife Black Micarta 2 Blade Slip Joint Shadow Trapper

    $400.00 Add to cart
  • David Goldberg Custom Knife Sole Authorship “Chishio Tonbo” ” Blood Dragonfly” Zanto

    Sale Pending
  • Alex Daniels Custom Knife Mother of Pearl Lockback Engraved by Julie Warenski

    $4,650.00 Add to cart
  • Bill Bagwell Custom Knife Sole Authorship Damascus, Gold, Emeralds and Jade Dagger

    $6,450.00 Add to cart
  • Tim Herman Custom Knife Engraved by Jon Robyn with Jade and Gold & Bronze Koi Fish

    $4,500.00 Add to cart
  • Joe Kious Custom Knife Auto Joe Mason Engraved Persian Charoite Interframe

    Sale Pending
  • Walter Randolph Custom Knife SKF Carbon Fiber Linerlock

    $575.00 Add to cart
  • David Goldberg Custom Japanese War Fan “Tessen” Sole Authorship Blued Damascus

    Sale Pending
  • Peter Martin Custom Knife Carbon Fiber Zircu-Ti S35VN Cracked Ice Finish Triple Color Anodized Windowed Back Bar

    $1,550.00 Add to cart
  • Kirby Lambert Custom Knife Black G-10 and Carbon Fiber Snap Flipper

    $675.00 Add to cart
  • Joe Kious Custom Knife Brian Hochstrat Engraved “Civil War” Dead Bug Pocket Locket

    $14,500.00 Add to cart
  • Joe Kious Custom Knife Ray Cover Jr. Engraved “Fisherman” Mammoth Interframe Lockback

    $4,500.00 Add to cart
  • Jess Horn Custom Knife Ray Cover Jr. Engraved “Bear” Stag Linerlock

    $4,500.00 Add to cart
  • Buster Warenski Custom Knife Julie Warenski Engraved Carved Pearl Lockback

    $6,950.00 Add to cart
  • Larry Fuegen Custom Knife Fluted Pearl and Damascus Lockback with Gold Accents

    $6,850.00 Add to cart
  • Steve Hoel Custom Knife Black Lip Tahitian Pearl Shell Interframe Lockback Engraved by Tim George

    $4,250.00 Add to cart
  • Steve Hoel Custom Knife Amber Stag Interframe Lockback Engraved by Brian Lyttle

    $4,000.00 Add to cart
  • Don Hanson Custom Knife Sole Authorship Damascus & Amber Stag Auto Linerlock

    Sale Pending
  • Steve Hoel Custom Knife Pietsersite Interframe “Coke Bottle” Dagger Lockback Engraved by Dan Wilkerson

    $3,950.00 Add to cart

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