Rob Douglas Custom Knife Cord Wrapped Blue Stingray Skin “Blue Lightning” Tanto

This is the Robert Douglas Prototype for the Blue Lightning series. This is one of five knives commissioned in 2002 by Sharper Things, Inc. from a group of apprentices working under Wally Hayes, Canadian Mastersmith. There were ten (10) sets made plus a prototype set. This is the prototype from Robert Douglas. Other knives in the collection included: Wally Hayes, Brent Besh, David Dempsey and Kathleen Tomey.  Douglas' contribution shined above the others with it's size, shape, edge details and overall fighting presence, and,there is a story behind Douglas' knife. The Blue Lightning collaboration between Wally Hayes and the four apprentices began in 2001 just before the 911 attack. Douglas was in the Canadian Special Forces and was called away on national securit detail as a result of the attack on the Trade Center. The release of the Blue Lightning series was scheduled to be in la 2001, yet was held up due to Douglas's call to service and away from completing his knives. With Douglas' call to duty being of unknown length, that's when Hayes stepped in and helped Douglas finish his knives. Hayes would never say how much he did or not, but regardless gave Douglas' knives that special Master's touch by helping bring them to fruition. The Blue Lightning series was featured in many magazines, some of those are included with this knife.
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Knife Maker Rob Douglas
Blade Length 7 3/8"
Overall Length 12 3/4"
Weight 12.6 oz
Blade Material 1050 Carbon Steel with Hamon
Scale Material Cord Wrapped Blue Stingray Skin
Condition Mint

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