Collector Grade Knives

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  • Gayle Bradley Custom Knife Ray Cover Jr. Engraved Black Lip Pearl Interframe Lock Back

    $2,600.00 Add to cart
  • Jim Sornberger Custom Knife Leather Wrapped Tanto with Flying Crane

    $2,500.00 Add to cart
  • DE Henry Custom Knife Lynton McKenzie Engraved Finger Grooved Hunter with Scabbard

    $5,250.00 Add to cart
  • Phill Hartsfield Custom Knife Cord Wrapped Tanto “Stongboy”

    $1,395.00 Add to cart
  • Jim Minnick Custom Knife Damascus and Mammoth Linerlock Automatic Dagger

    $1,995.00 Add to cart
  • Steve Hoel Custom Knife Pietsersite Interframe “Coke Bottle” Dagger Lockback Engraved by Dan Wilkerson

    $4,500.00 Add to cart
  • Bill McHenry Custom Knife Rams Horn and Damascus Left Handed Linerlock

    $495.00 Add to cart
  • Wander Paim Custom Knife Mokuti Bolster Lock

    $845.00 Add to cart
  • Kirby Lambert Custom Knife Paper Micarta & Damasteel Linerlock Flipper

    $2,450.00 Add to cart
  • Brian Lyttle Custom Knife Damascus Sole Authorship Engraved Art Dagger with Gold Inlays

    $2,950.00 Add to cart
  • Scott Sawby/Steve Mullin Collaboration Custom Knife Dave Lark Engraved Stag Button Lock

    $1,100.00 Add to cart
  • Scott Sawby Custom Knives Simon Lytton Engraved Stag Swift Self Lock

    $1,350.00 Add to cart
  • Jim Turecek Custom Knife Damascus & Fluted Mammoth Linerlock

    $750.00 Add to cart
  • Ken Onion Custom Knife Anodized Textured Titanium Wrinkle Frame Lock Flipper

    $1,695.00 Add to cart
  • Kirby Lambert Custom Knife Black G-10 and Carbon Fiber Snap Flipper

    $845.00 Add to cart
  • Peter Martin Custom Knife Carbon Fiber Zircu-Ti S35VN Cracked Ice Finish Triple Color Anodized Windowed Back Bar

    $1,850.00 Add to cart
  • Vincenzo Balistreri Custom Knife “Marlin” Black Micarta and Titanium LinerLock Flipper

    $795.00 Add to cart
  • Joe Kious Custom Knife David Pardue Engraved Double Bladed Slip Joint

    $1,275.00 Add to cart
  • Gerry McGinnis Custom Knife Mokume & Damascus Micro Spoke Frame Lock

    $2,650.00 Add to cart
  • Melvin Gurganus Custom Knife K. Petersen Mammoth Scrimshawed Polar Bear Linerlock

    $950.00 Add to cart
  • Ken Steigerwalt Gold Lip Pearl and Damascus Slip Joint Folder

    Sale Pending
  • The Art Knives & Knife Engraving of Julie Warenski-Erickson Book by Dr. David Darom

    $95.00 Add to cart
  • Steven Rapp Custom Knife Studded Mammoth Ring Guard Fixed Blade

    $3,450.00 Add to cart
  • Steve Hoel Custom Knife 2 Blade Green Jade Interframe Slip Joint

    $3,200.00 Add to cart
  • George Herron Custom Knife Westinghouse Micarta Boot Knife #1499 No Sheath

    Sale Pending
  • Antonio Fogarizzu Custom Knife Carbon Fiber “Kube” Folder

    $5,750.00 Add to cart
  • Michael Burch Custom Knife Bamboo Framelock with Hamon

    Sale Pending
  • Jot Singh Khalsa Custom Knife 14Kt Gold and Lapis Linerlock Engraved by Julie Warenski with Robert Eggerling Damascus Blade

    $12,500.00 Add to cart
  • Todd Begg Custom Knife Carbon Fiber and Damascus “Xerxes Fighter” with Two Soul Bound Leather Sheaths

    Sale Pending
  • David Roeder Custom Knife “Forged in Fire” Hand Forged 5160 Steel, Walnut and Patina Copper Bowie

    Sale Pending
  • Joe Kious Custom Knife Eggerling Damascus Persian Lockback

    Sale Pending
  • Steve Jernigan Custom Knife Mokume & Desert Ironwood with South Sea Gold Lip Pearl Inlay Left Handed Linerlock

    $1,695.00 Add to cart
  • Tony Baker Custom Knife California Big Sur Jade Interframe “Garden of Eden” Lockback

    $2,950.00 Add to cart
  • Anders Hogstrom Custom Knife Mammoth and Damascus Tanto

    Sale Pending
  • Phil Boguszewski Custom Knife Engraved Paua and Abalone Inlaid Linerlock Dagger #1

    Sale Pending
  • Phil Boguszewsi Custom Knife Double Bolster Premium Stag Lockback Dagger #2

    Sale Pending
  • Scott Sawby Custom Knife 5 Piece Black Lip Pearl & Abalone Self Lock Dagger

    Sale Pending
  • Phil Boguszewski Custom Knife Mammoth and Damascus Front Flipper Linerlock Prototype

    Sale Pending
  • Tom Overeynder Custom Knife 2 Blade South Sea Gold Lip Pearl Trapper Slip Joint Engraved by Joe Mason

    Sale Pending
  • Jess Horn Custom Knife Mammoth “Baby Horn” Lockback Engraved & Scrimshawed By Steve Lindsay

    $7,000.00 Add to cart
  • Phil Boguszewski Custom Knife Fluted Mother of Pearl & Raindrop Pattern Damascus Front Flipper Linerlock Dagger

    $7,250.00 Add to cart
  • Dan Dagget Custom Knife Damascus Silver and Lapis Lazuli Dagger Engraved by Lynton McKenzie

    $4,995.00 Add to cart
  • Andre Thorburn Custom Knife Hippo Tooth Front Flipper Linerlock

    Sale Pending
  • DE Henry Custom Knife Stag Finger Groover Skinner with Silver Escutcheon

    $4,500.00 Add to cart
  • Steve Schwarzer Custom Knife Desert Ironwood and Mosaic Damascus Fixed Blade

    Sale Pending

Showing 46–90 of 477 results

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