New Knives

  • Hubectus Solingen Custom Knife 2 Blade Auto Stag

    Sale Pending
  • Arno Bernard Custom Knife Damasteel Blued Damascus and Mammoth Linerlock

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    Jack Busfield Custom Knife Black Lip Tahitian Pearl Shell Persian Lockback

    Sale Pending
  • George Young Custom Knife Stellite 6k 2 Blade Dr’s Knife Pearl Slipjoint

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  • Wayne J. Whittaker Custom Knife 1976 Wood and Brass Recurve Bowie with Sheath

    Sale Pending
  • John Le Blanc Custom Knife Interframe Mammoth Interframe Lockback

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  • (Red – Green – Blue) Japanese Throwing Dagger Set (3)

    Sale Pending
  • Alex Daniels Custom Knife Mother of Pearl Lockback Engraved by Julie Warenski

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  • Scott Sawby Custom Knife Black Lip Pearl Skimmer with 24Kt Gold Inlays Engraved by Julie Warenski

    Sale Pending
  • Warren Osborne Custom Knife Damascus and South Sea Gold Lip Pearl Lockback with Rose Gold Accents

    Sale Pending
  • Steve Schwarzer Custom Knife 2003 AKI Mammoth Harley Davidson Motorcycle with Mosaic Damascus 1 of 4 Motorcycle Mosaics Linerlock

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  • Mel Pardue Custom Knife Curtis Scrimshawed Lockback Kris Blade

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  • Mathew Lerch Custom Knife Bronze Inlaid Mako

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  • Jason Knight Custom Knife Hand Forged Micarta “Brute De Forge”

    Sale Pending
  • Tom Mayo Custom Knife Timascus and Stellite 6K Blade TNT Frame Lock

    Sale Pending
  • Sale!

    Jack Davenport Custom Knife Damascus & Tri-Color Mammoth Linerlock

    Sale Pending
  • Warren Osborne Custom Knife Abalone Interframe Lockback 002 1988

    Sale Pending
  • Sale!

    Jim Hammond Custom Knife Michael Collins Engraved Mammoth Fighter

    Sale Pending
  • Buster Warenski Custom Knife Julie Warenski Engraved Mammoth Hunter

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  • Mel Nishuichi Custom Knife Devin Thomas Stainless Ladder Damascus Blade with Mokume Bolsters and Australian Water Jasper with Hidden Screw Construction

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  • Scott Sawby Custom Knife Edward’s Black Jade and Lapis Lazuli 18Kt Gold Interframe and Damascus Self Lock

    Sale Pending
  • Jim Martin Custom Knife Sole Authorship Engraved Mother of Pearl Interframe Lockback

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  • Matthew Lerch Custom Knife Damascus and Black Lip Tahitian Pearl Shell Interframe Assisted Opening Linerlock Engraved by Tim George

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  • Charles Roulin Custom Knife Engraved Brass, Desert Ironwood with Carved and Skeletonized “Wildlife” Stainless Steel Fixed Blade

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  • Tim Herman Custom Knife Micarta Linerlock

    Sale Pending
  • Crawford Knives Custom Knife No. 13 Knife Jeweled Titanium Top Lock

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  • Tommy Lee Custom Knife Damascus Polished Sheep Horn and Anodized Titanium Lockback

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  • Boker Solingen Germany Super Liner Titanium Liner Lock

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  • Red St. Cyr Custom Knife Ambonya Burl and Sole Authorship Damascus Fixed Blade

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  • Bill Behnke Custom Knife Mammoth and Sole Authorship Feather Pattern Damascus Linerlock

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